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Lists of Morning Exercise For Your Health

Morning exercise provides you with various advantages for health. Physical activity is useful to keep you healthy as well as to maintain your body weight. Besides, if you have osteoporosis, it can lessen the bone fracture risk.

In general, doing exercises is good for your health. However, you should check your health before you start doing exercises. The following are lists of simple exercises that you can do at any time. 

  • Cat Camel Stretch

Stretching is beneficial for your muscle and can prevent you from arthritis. It should be static and dynamic. 

Cat Camel Stretch is one of the examples of exercise that can be done in the morning. Although it is also good to do it in the evening, it’s simple movement makes people do it in the morning. 

This exercise is also recommended to do after you have long periods of stable work. It is excellent for body flexibility. Besides, it is also good as a warm-up exercise.

The method is simple. You can start by rounding the back and take a position like a camel. Move your head until it almost meets your pelvis. This simple exercise is called a camel position.

Then, you can continue by lowering the back and lifting the head. You can make a position as if your lower back is arched. 

You can do this physical activity slowly and easily. You can repeat this for 4 or 5 times.

  • Walk or Run

This simple morning exercise is recommended for you who require outdoor activity. By doing outside running or walking, it can engage your soul with nature and helps to release stress from your daily routine activity.

By doing outdoor running or walking, you can inhale fresh air. Of course, this is good for your lungs as well. This physical activity can be started at any age.

However, if you don’t have time for this, you can do this by taking a treadmill. You can do it at the fitness center and ask your trainer for guidance to get better results.

If you want to do it at home, you can try to count the time for yourself. Then, you can increase the length and time depending on the program. It is necessary to do this regularly. 

This simple exercise gives you multiple health benefits. One of them is this exercise helps you to build stronger bones. Moreover, it will help you to control your body weight.

  • Jumping Jacks

This is a simple exercise that offers you a fun activity. Although it looks like a child game, this physical activity is good for your cardiovascular health. It is great for toning your muscles primarily for the calves as well as the deltoids.

You can begin by standing your feet together. Then, you continue to jump with spreading arms and legs at the same time. Next, you can get back to your first position.

You can repeat doing this several times. What you should pay attention to is your legs movement. You have to be sure that you are jumping in the right position to get the best result. 

This physical activity is part of the aerobic movement, but it is simple and easy to be done for you. You can do this before you start doing daily morning activity. You can start doing it in 1 minute and then increase the numbers depending on your convenience movement. 

  • Push up

Although it is a simple morning exercise, push ups require a certain difficulty. It does not cost you any money and enriches you with its health effect. 

There are several advantages of doing push ups. One of them is this exercise can help you to maintain your shoulder muscle. 

If you can do this on a regular basis, you can keep your heart healthy. The research mentions that this exercise is effective in keeping your heart healthy.

You can begin this by lying down on your body or face down. Then, you can hold up your body at arm’s length. 

The next is you should pay attention to your hands. It must be in line with the shoulders. While you are lowering down your body, try to breathe in.

Next, you can return to your starting position by exhaling. You can repeat this several times by considering your strength. 

  • Conclusion

Aside from the above physical activity, there are plenty of other exercises that you can do. You can select based on your needs and preferences. 

The most important thing is you have to do it regularly to get a better result. Hopefully, the above morning exercise is beneficial for you.