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Why Should You Choose a Fertility Clinic in Ukraine?

Why Should You Choose a Fertility Clinic in Ukraine?

Choosing Ukraine as a surrogacy destination becomes more popular worldwide. If Europeans already knew about pretty liberal surrogacy laws Ukraine offers, US citizens only now learn about this opportunity as US reproductive laws get stricter. That also means you need help from qualified surrogacy lawyers – you can find them in Ukraine. 

So, what is the secret to the success of Ukrainian fertility clinics?

What’s so special about fertility clinics in Ukraine?

There are many benefits to choosing Ukraine for this important journey. The most significant of them is in the local surrogacy laws:

  • foreigners can legally adopt children;
  • if the embryo with the genetic material of both parents was implanted, the birth certificate already has the parents’ names on it;
  • the technological standards for surrogacy technologies there are really high – most fertility clinics work with highly qualified reproduction specialists and operate on modern technologies
  • the prices are somewhat lower than in other countries where the same list and quality of services are offered.

Also, Ukraine won’t give a surrogate child Ukrainian citizenship if both parents are foreigners. The only exception from this law is when both parents don’t have Ukrainian IDs but live legally in the country

Why is choosing a Ukrainian fertility clinic a good choice?

A lot of parents that got their children from surrogacy programs in Ukraine can admit that going through this process in Ukraine is not stressful. All you have to do is have a lawyer by your side to review and legally approve translated documents. The quality of services is high with 24/7 medical and legal support, transparent requirements, and friendly specialists working with you.

Also, Ukrainian surrogate mothers are known for their kindness and will to cooperate. You will not have any unexpected situations, and every surrogate mother is thoroughly tested to be eligible to carry a healthy child to term.

All in all, fertility clinics in Ukraine provide you with professional reproductive services, real support, and relatively low expenses. Also, a lot of them are located in the west of the country, closer to the border with the EU ‒ with that in mind, traveling expenses get even lower.

To make sure your surrogacy program goes smoothly, we advise you to hire a professional reproductive lawyer who has an experience with cases of foreign parents choosing Ukrainian fertility clinics. The HermanFamily consulting & law agency is a good choice of legal support – call them at +38 097 25 26 980, email anastasiya.herman@gmail.com or set an appointment for a meeting at the office in Lviv: K. Levytskoho str, 55