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The History of Instagram

Other than Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, Instagram is also well-known as the most downloaded app in the world and many countries. It is already a public secret that Instagram is one of the most famous Social Media in the world. Though, I barely used it because I am not the kind of person who always takes a photo everywhere I go. However, I still use its brother, Facebook, to socialize with a lot of people. Sometimes, I open my Instagram to promote something for university purposes. Still, Instagram is more famous than Social Media I usually used. How Instagram established? So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about the history of Instagram.

Start from Burbn

Probably most of us think that Instagram was started by Facebook, who bought that Social Media. Well, that is not incorrect, but it is not correct entirely. The fact is, Instagram has been started by Burbn Inc, a startup that was founded and developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. 

From that startup, an app for sharing photos and videos was released, and it was called Burbn. When it was introduced, Burbn had too many features. Meanwhile, both of its CEOs want a simple app with simple features, which is sharing photos or videos, the like button, and comment sections. So, a simplification attempt was initiated, and the history of Instagram started here. 

Instagram was released on October 6, 2010. However, Instagram is only released for iOS users. After its success and downloaded by more than a million users, that social media released its first version for Android users. It was released on April 3, 2012, two years after the iOS version. 

Bought by Facebook

Instagram may have started its history from the Burbn app developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. However, the path of its success until now started when Facebook bought Instagram on April 9, 2012. A few days after Instagram released its Android client. 

Without a doubt, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook itself, paid over a billion dollars after a long negotiation that lasted around 48 hours. However, when Instagram shares were released to Facebook, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were still developing Instagram independently. However, after 6 years, Kevin & Mike, both of the CEOs, decided to leave the platform. Both of them denied the reasons why they left that social media. But, according to TechCrunch’s report, there are internal issues that caused both of the CEOs to leave that platform. 

Instagram features nowadays

A long time ago, Instagram was only a social platform that proposed for sharing photos and videos. Now, there are many modern and sophisticated features available on that simple social media. There are Instagram Stories that can be used to share 15 seconds of interesting videos, Explore, Live, and IGTV to get more popularity. 

The Explore feature was introduced in June 2012. It allows the user can see photos and videos shared by other people that they didn’t know or follow. After that, the Live feature that allows its user to Go Live broadcasting and do QnA stuff with it. Finally, the IGTV feature can make you upload videos with a longer duration, at least over 10 minutes.

A lot of users 

When Instagram was bought by Facebook, the users of Instagram were only 30 million users. In 2018, this social media was able to hold up more than 1 billion users from around the world. Of course, it is because of the features that Instagram had, such as Instagram Stories, Live Broadcast, Explore, IGTV, and many more. 

The advantages of Instagram as Social Media

It could be said that Instagram is a place where people can gain their popularity just by sharing photos and videos. Even after 9 years of operation until now, Instagram is still popular, and some people even use it as Online Stores that can give a lot of profits. Not just that, the Endorse service also becomes a trend, and there is a lot of influencers or celebrities who use Instagram as a medium to promote their stuff, like products and services.  In summary, Instagram is one of the most well-known and popular social media in the world. Not just that, it is also the most downloaded app in the world. The history of Instagram was started by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger through the Burbn app for iOS. After Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars, Instagram became more famous than what we know or realize until now