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5 Professional Cameras Pakistanis Can Buy In 2020

These cameras will leave our Pakistani photographers drooling. 

A new year comes with a lot of possibilities. New products are launched, buyers are full of anticipation and sellers are looking to make the most out of it. The real competitions is internationally, the prices seem to go down with time, but camera prices in Pakistan have never seen a good day.

With so much uncertainty, there aren’t many options available to content creators. This is reason why it is hard to move from a beginner level equipment to a professional grade in Pakistan. If you have the budget and looking to make the leap, here are 5 recommended cameras you should buy.

1. Canon E0S 5D Mark IV

Canon has been the first choice of content creators since a decade. They have produced some of the best cameras this industry has to offer. Among the top releases, Canon E0S 5D Mark IV is one of a kind professional grade camera for shooting in different environments.

This DSLR has all the features a photographer needs. It comes with a 30 MP sensor, and an ISO range of 100-32,000. It can shoot 7 fps with 61 focus points. Canon E0S 5D Mark IV comes with a quick processing power, and the touchscreen is worth trying for once in life. The camera also shoots 4K and comes with all basic and advance features.

2. Nikon D850

It was launched in 2017, but still packs a hard punch. Nikon D850 is made for speed, response, and durability. This camera has a great resolution and captures 7 fps or 9 fps. Some experts say there is no better resolution than D850’s in this price range.

As the camera prices in Pakistan are going up, we hardly have options left to explore. Some of use may think D850 is a dinosaur, but it feels good and produces breathtaking images. If you are looking for an all-rounder then there are hardly any better cameras than D850 in this price range.

3. Sony a7R 111

Easily comparable with the D850, it is a full frame mirrorless masterpiece that Sony is proud of releasing. Sony A7R has high resolution, 42 MP sensor, and 425 focus points. It can shoot at 4K and comes with illuminated sensor (CMOS).

Sony a7R 111 works perfect in low light situations, which makes it a top choice in 2020. There is a fast processor, tilting touchscreen, and many built in features like Wi-Fi. With this camera in hand, you will only get high quality images.

4. Fujifilm X-T3

Some of us may not be too impressed with the name Fujifilm, but this brand has produced some of the best mirrorless cameras in Pakistan and all over the world. Fujifilm X-T3 is one the powerful products that have everything inside. There is a powerful autofocus system that gives you more image area, and captures 4k.

The body of the camera is small and feels good in hand. You can use it for sports videography, filmmaking, or general purpose. Given its compact body, can it be considered as a professional camera? Yes it does! The performance and video capabilities of Fujifilm X-T3 is on par with all of the cameras mentioned in this page.

5. Panasonic Lumix S1R

The Lumix S1R is a multi-featured professional grade camera for photographers. The only downside it has is full range of lenses is a couple of years away, but Panasonic is trying best to make it a premium product.

It is not a cheap alternative,Lumix S1R has 4k video shooting capability with a high speed 6k photo mode. It comes with a 47 MP resolution and all the basic features Pakistani photographers want in a camera.