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The Latest Updates of Famous Camera Brands

Camera brands are competing against each other to be the most popular camera brand in the market. So, which camera brand is the most popular of all in 2018? Now let’s take a look what several famous camera brands’ features in this year.


Nikon’s statement in restructuring the camera giant with better focus was not only just statement. In fact, Nikon was successfully produced the D850 as a great example of a giant camera with a good quality of focus. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to find the stocks in the market. It will be Nikon’s longest time moment this year since they have been developing cameras for 100 years. But until now, there is no latest mirrorless camera since Nikon’s first launching in 2011 with the Nikon 1. Meanwhile, there is a rumor that this company actually has been creating a mirrorless camera in full-frame, this is still a rumor since there is no sign of mirrorless camera from Nikon in 2018. But the representative of Nikon has said to the media that they are really working on with that. So, if you are waiting for Nikon’s mirrorless camera, finger crossed.


Data shown from Gap Intelligence that Canon’s more modern model complete with 4K video, but a bigger camera is the only camera that doesn’t have a 4K model in a fair price for consumers. Canon even admitted that they quite left behind in 4K and still needs much improvement among 4K TV market. Canon is also still working on their camera to not overheat while the users record big amounts of data using Canon cameras. So, let’s hope to see Canon brands produce good quality 4K with affordable price.

The latest update: Canon already strayed with its regular updates for the recent years. One of the Canon models, EOS 7D Mark II, is already four years old now, while the Rebel T7i and the EOS 80D have better technology and newer sensors. Talking about a mirrorless camera, EOS M5 is already two years old now in September 2018. If Canon wants to beat other brands in mirrorless cameras, they need to work harder since mirrorless cameras are very quick to change and innovate.


One of the pioneers of actions cams, GoPro, indeed has a difficult few years to develop. But they already announced that they are going to produce the drone game with more advanced features next year. Even though they have a few rough years, the selling of their action cameras is still fantastic. A lot of people love it. The CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman, gave his comment about it. He said that the company is still moving forward to work harder to produce the best action cameras in the market as well as the software. The company didn’t want to play and experiment in creating cameras in a competitive type as they did with the not-so-famous Karma drone.

The latest update: GoPro has already released the latest Hero6. Woodman, the CEO, already told the media that the latest camera is on the way in the early 2019 and the company believed that it can replace the previous model of Hero. Meanwhile, the selling of GoPro Fusion 360 camera in the market is extremely well even though that camera is still a few months old. Let’s wait if there is any latest 360 camera from GoPro next year.


Sony promises that they will produce more modern features camera, especially in full-frame mirrorless line. It is targeted to professional company and photographers. Sony brought high-tech feature which you can’t find blackout viewfinder anymore. It also brought higher resolution and faster speed. As a camera brand company that develops quicker in creating their camera models, a lot of people are waiting for the next future Canon camera next year with higher specifications.

The latest update: if you are still fresh with one of the famous models A7R Mark III from Sony, we just want to remind you that the previous model, A7 Mark II, will be four years old at the end of the month. Meanwhile, the A7S Mark II that is special for those who look for the low-light, it turned three years old this September.

The latest update: The latest update from Nikon is that it will lower the price for full-frame cameras in 2018. Meanwhile, Nikon D750 is almost four years old since the released of the previous model, D610 in 2013. A lot of people can’t wait for the full-frame cameras to be more budget-friendly. Their D3400 DSLR camera will also turn two years old at the end of the year. And not forget to mention, one of the popular camera models from Nikon, P900 which has 83x zoom feature already turn three years old.

So, which brand that you are expecting to have more features in their next year’s camera?