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How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

Are you starting your own business and trying to advertise the business using social media such as Facebook? Well, you come to the right place to guide you in promoting your business in the Facebook marketplace. Have you ever heard that our social media account could be used as a source of income for our company?

We can sell everything through our social media account. By selling it online, it is not only cut the budget for marketing but also can reach many potential customers worldwide. For instance, people from Asia could know and buy the products imported from New York and vice versa. In this article, you will know and understand how to maximize your Facebook account to advertise the business of yours.

Enter the marketplace

Log in to your account and see whether there is a shop icon in your Facebook account. If you finally see it, click this icon and see what happens next. This shop icon provides you with more information from the Facebook application before you proceed further.

Add photo

After clicking the icon and read the information provided by Facebook, you will be asked to upload your products you are trying to sell through the Facebook marketplace. You do not have to worry about the fee; it is all free, unlike other marketplaces, Facebook does not ask you to pay the charge for adding multiple photos. To convince your potential customers, you have to add clear photos and give much information regarding the items you are uploading to your Facebook account.

Add title

Then, you will be prompted by Facebook to add a title. Please, do not use long text for your title and state clearly what you are trying to sell through your Facebook marketplace. It will ease potential customers to recognize your products. For your information, Facebook only allows you to give 100 characters limit to your title product.

Add description

Since you will sell something by Facebook application, it will ask you to give a detail description of your products. Facebook will recommend you to give condition, size, color and more about your items. But, you are free to provide as many details you can give to your online products so that your potential buyers could know your products and want to purchase your items.

Add a price

You need to add a cost to your products. The price will be provided in your local currency, but do not worry because you can change the currency anytime and anywhere. You need to input the price to let the buyers know how much your products cost.

Add location and category

After inputting every detail about your items, the last step you need to do is adding a location to advertise your items and select the category of your products that suits the most. You have to choose the group from the list provided by Facebook.

Completing your registration

After finishing the registration for selling your products online through the Facebook marketplace, Facebook will set your items to be active so that other people around the world could see it. Facebook will also manage the management system between you and your potential customers to have communication together. Although you think that you have completed your application, you still have a chance to edit your items or add items to your Facebook account.

Still, considering whether you want to advertise the business online through the Facebook marketplace? The most significant advantage of marketing your items online on the Facebook application is that Facebook has over 800 million monthly active users. When you think that you are advertising your products online, the real thing that happens is that you let your items be seen in Facebook’s newsfeed.

Like other marketplaces, Facebook is unique because it lets the users browse the products that they are looking for. It creates buyers’ intent which can be used by the Facebook marketplace to target the people who are actively looking for something. This method is more effective than targeting people who may be interested in something to buy.

The focus of Facebook is bringing the advertising to peer-to-peer to buy, sell, and trade groups. The introduction of the marketplace for a business like the Facebook application can boost into an e-commerce platform. Although currently, the ads are only available in the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, why do not you give it a try to advertise the business of yours? You have to try it and see the results whether it could help your business grow or not.