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How to Choose CCTV System for Your Building

Do you plan to install CCTV in your company building or house? That’s a good decision. CCTV is the basic and important security system that can protect your property from any unwanted accidents that may happen. Fortunately, there are many products and CCTV system/service you can use on the market. Hikvision CCTV System, Samsung, Dahua and many other brands provide this system. So, how can we find and choose the best product among those available on the market?

The Camera Types

The first thing you need to consider is the camera type. You can find many types of camera for the CCTV camera on the market. First of all, choose a camera that can produce a specific video format. The best choice is the camera that can record high-quality video. This will help you to create a detailed video for the accident in the area where you installed that camera. This is important because when the police need a video to identify the crime in that area, they can easily see and recognize the criminal. With this kind of camera, you will help the police to finish the case much faster.

The video quality isn’t the only thing you need to consider. You also need to consider the type of recording that the camera can do for you. For example, if you want to install the camera in the area that has low lighting, you can consider choosing the CCTV with a camera that can capture an image in low lighting conditions, such as infrared camera or camera with the night-vision feature.

The Storage

You also need to consider the storage type you want to use. There are two basic types of data storage in CCTV, which is Cloud storage and analog storage. Cloud storage uses the Cloud server as the place to save the recorded video. This helps you to get a bigger space to save more video. This type of storage is also a good choice if you plan to use a high-quality video camera. The high-quality video has big size compared to the standard quality video. So, it will need more space to save it.

The analog or physical storage device is another good choice if you want to save more budgets. Just like its name, your video data will be saved on the physical drive, in this case, is the hard drive. Maybe, you won’t get the space as big as the Cloud server. But, it’s enough, if you plan to use the standard video quality camera.

Moreover, you also can avoid the video saving problem that happens when there is an internet connection problem, which can disturb the video transfer to the Cloud server. However, you need to provide special equipment to keep the device run, including an extra energy source to avoid the problem when the blackout or electrical shortage occurs.

Reliable Service

This is maybe the most important part of choosing the CCTV service. Nowadays, you can easily find many companies that offer the CCTV and general security service for your building. However, it’s not rare that some of those companies only aim your money and don’t give you the best service that you need. With this kind of service, your building won’t get the protection against the crime.

The reliable service is a company that provides all kinds of service that you need. So, they don’t only sell the CCTV gadget or other security devices for your building. If they also provide an installation service and a professional team that ready to do that for you, you can choose it. The professional help to install the security system helps you to avoid many mistakes that can lower your security system’s performance.

It would be better if the company also provide a monitoring service. It means when the security system that they installed in your building detect some anomalies, they can easily notice it. Then, they will give you a message or warning about the incident. Some of the company even works together with the authority. When the crime occurs, they can report it directly and the police will take care of it. You just need to relax here.


Last but not least is the price. Finding the CCTV and security system with affordable price is necessary. However, paying a more expensive price is also worth doing, because this is for your building safety. Now, choose the camera, or brand that you like, such as Samsung CCTV Storage, Hikvision CCTV camera or other, and get your building protected.