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8 Reasons why Fanvil Phones with VOIP Technology are Better than Traditional Phones in Supporting Business

Integrate traditional communication systems into VOIP technology is one of the ways to improve communication quality in the business. Fanvil Phones supports business owners to improve the communication devices into VOIP technology. Check the reason why you have to improve your traditional devices into VOIP below. 

Excellent Phone Services 

VOIP technology can do several things that traditional communication systems can’t. Let’s say you can discuss your business with clients, customers, or business colleagues no matter the distance. The voice is clear as you are talking closely. 

Some features in VOIP communication technology are new and better than before. The most important thing is that excellent phone services are affordable. 

Let IP Network Works Maximally

One of the reasons why Fanvil Phones offer VOIP technology is because of the use of IP networks. The IP network can send and receive calls by using a VOIP system. As a result, you gain access to network systems. At the same time, you can also reduce external and internet communication costs.   

Suitable for All Types of Businesses 

You can use phones with VOIP technology no matter your business. It is valuable for a small business, a medium business, or an enterprise. Fanvil serves a variety of phones with VOIP technology. For example, an enterprise can use Fanvil X6 and X5S. This phone uses advanced VOIP calling technology to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Give A Variety of Phones with VOIP Technology

Fanvil X6 and X5S for enterprises are not the only phones business owners can use. Fanvil also has X3 and X4 for small or medium businesses. This phone is even suitable for those who are running a business from home. 

Indeed, this variant uses advanced VOIP technology and sophisticated calling features that are easy to use. Fanvil phone systems also have phones with VOIP technology for the hospitality industry. Hotel owners can choose H2 wall mountable phones, H3, and H5 models for better communication in their hotels.   

One of the Top Products by Fanvil 

Fanvil commits to producing high-quality communication devices for its clients. That’s why this company comes up with VOIP technology for phones. This top product is flexible for all sizes of business. The idea is to fill enterprises’ needs to serve their customers better than before.    

Compatible with All Major IP Telephony PBX Brands 

Another great thing about using phones with VOIP technology is their compatibility. You can connect this technology with all major IP PBX brands, including Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Mitel, Yeastar, and others. As a result, you don’t need to make an extreme replacement only to use Fanvil products. It is also the reason why this product is more affordable than other communication systems.  

Give Phones with Great Features 

The VOIP phones come up with great features. Fanvil C600 video phone is one of the examples. This product can handle audio and video. You are about to have a device that produces HD voice quality that makes your meeting business efficient. All meeting members can deliver their messages well because of the voice quality. The multi-touch screen helps you to set the device fast and easily. 

Fanvil develops Fanvil H5. It is the newest series of phones for hotels. The appearance is stylish, along with a contemporary model. This phone has a 3.5 inches color screen, HD voice, and 6 programmable soft keys. Some additional features, including call transfer, call holding and call waiting make the communication between customers and your employees run well. 

Fanvil Red X50-R is another example. It is good for an enterprise that needs an IP phone. The red color makes it easy to recognize in the distance and in an emergency. Fire stations, hospitals, and government agencies are perfect users of this phone. Besides using VOIP features, this phone is also using EHS features and a Wi-Fi dongle. 

Affordable Phones 

Despite the sophisticated systems and features, Fanvil offers its phones at an affordable price. Imagine that you can improve the communication technology in your company without spending too much money. You can even earn more money after using this device because of better communication.

The information below will make you sure to install Fanvil phones right away. Make sure that you get the right products based on your needs. The explanation above also shows that VOIP technology improves communication technology to the next level. 

The better the communication technology companies use, the more effective the communication companies build with others. The goal is to make sure that companies can achieve their target through effective communication using the right communication devices. Companies don’t need to get confused because Fanvil phones with VOIP technology are ready to help.