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Digital transformation of lifestyle in residential complexes

Our lives are changing in unprecedented ways since 2020, heading towards a future of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality gadgets blending in seamlessly with our physical reality. With the advent of 5G powered devices in the near future, high speed data transfers, higher resolution and super fast app loading, there will be a proliferation of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives to the point that the movement towards technological singularity (hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization) is being catapulted to the next level.

A housing society can no longer escape the leap into full digitisation of its affairs. This is the call of the times. The good news is that while digital transformation of corporations and governments is a complicated and long term task, the digital transformation of a housing society doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here’s how you can digitise your society:

Go for everything smart

From smart motion sensor CCTV surveillance, smart lights and fans/IoT-controlled (in the common premises, clubhouse, gym, etc.). Also get smart water and electricity meters for reduced bills through real-time monitoring consumption. It may seem like a lot of monetary investment, but these gadgets pay for themselves in a number of months with affordable subscription plans.

Digitise monthly maintenance bills

Digital payments are good for housing society and hence encourage residents for digital payments and try to avoid cheque or cash payments. Educate the residents on the various digital payment options like mobile/net banking, mobile wallets, and other forms of digital currency. Make it a practice to accept only digital payments.

Digital accounting

Invest in a customised society management app which comes equipped with a full accounting suite to replace the old system of keeping physical ledgers. Rather than an off the shelf accounting app, get a monthly subscription to an intelligent enterprise resource planning app like MyGate which can offer personalised accounting features such as:

  • Monthly collection reports
  • Defaulters list
  • Targeted invoicing based on towers, flats (flat and hybrid rates) with automatic scheduling
  • Option to charge fines to defaulters
  • Have GST calculations embedded
  • Get advance, arrears reports with credit/debit notes
  • General ledgers related to assets, liabilities, income and expense
  • Chart of accounts with different categories of accounting like vendors, members, staff payments, utilities providers, etc.
  • Get accounting reports like BS, P&L, GST Report, TDS Report, etc.

Automate the Main Gate

The main reason why instances of gate congestion, unauthorised entry of solicitors, and theft/vandalism happen is because security guards still operate with the old pen and paper registration (at times no record of visitors are kept).

Automated gatekeeping features in society apps provide the most secure and effortless formula for maintaining privacy of residential complexes so that no one without a passcode verification gets entry into the premises, be they a guest or a delivery boy.

  • Residents send one passcode invite to visitors
  • Visitors verify it at the guard’s desk on his app
  • Entry is allowed and digitally recorded

Frequent visitors are given a unique passcode for entry which gets verified and recorded. Features like child security protocol, group entry, move in move out procedure for tenants, domestic staff attendance, panic alert for emergency situations, overstay alert for vendors/cab drivers, etc., and facial recognition technology-based attendance are useful in digitisation of all daily and specific needs of security of the premises starting right at the gate. 

Digital approach to amenities and parking management

Running around to book a gym slot, swimming pool and other amenities, waiting in line till the others finish their turn in a traditional first come first serve basis is a waste of time and causes frustration when there is unfair allotment.

Creating a transparent digital calendar for amenities booking with preconfigured limits of number of use per flat is the easiest solution (in-built in MyGate).

Guards shouldn’t have to struggle getting the owner of the vehicle when it’s parked incorrectly or not being able to handle visitor parking when they have to run around looking for vacant spots.

Society ERP apps can update the guard on the available visitor parking spots based on entry exit (with embedded number plate technology) and let the guard retrieve the vehicle owners in-app in case of parking management.

Complaints helpdesk digitisation

Residents who are facing electrical, plumbing or other service complaints, can raise a ticket on their version of the app, which gets routed to the admin dashboard (access limited to pre-approved members), and gets assigned to the right department.

Residents can track the status of the complaint and MC gets the benefit of streamlining the resolution process and making it quicker.

Digital transformation is the way forward and societies will reap the benefits of freedom from manual tasks, enhanced security measures, hassle-free accounting and automation of financial activities, thus help them get on board with the new virtual environments at highly affordable rates.