7 Reasons to Use Yeastar PBX to Improve Productivity in Your Business

Great communication is one of the keys to running a successful business. The better the communication tools, the better the communication between you and your team.

Yeastar PBX supports small and medium businesses with sophisticated communications tools to enhance productivity. You need to know several reasons why your business needs communication tools by Yeastar.

The Provider Offers a Variety of Communication Tools

You have to prepare a variety of communication tools for a better communication process in business. The tools include desk phones, cordless handsets, and other applications.  This provider covers all the tools.

The communication provider is even ready with the latest network system that business models need today. The communication tools are also safe to use, along with great security features. Let say business owners can use Linkus mobile client to keep the mobility of your team secure. As a result, it increases the productivity of your team.

Get More Benefits

Yeastar PBX system offers more benefits than other business communication providers. It includes reliability, integrations, calling features, mobility, convenience, and many more. Your employees will be more flexible and responsive because they can communicate well.

This tool helps you connect with your employees in real-time no matter their location. The impact is the same if your employees have to make high-quality business calls with colleagues and customers.

Valuable Features

Communication systems by Yeastar have valuable features that support the performance and quality of the calls. Let say the tools have native support for SIP, video calls, analog phones, and many more. The features lead users to a high level of user experience.

The goal of the features is to provide you with crystal clear communication. You are about to get all the crucial points when you are talking with customers, employees, stakeholders, and many others. The features can support your communication process of up to 2000 users.

Interface that Easy to Customize

You can customize the interface of the communication tools with FXS. This customization helps you to connect with analog phones or fax machines. The connectivity system also supports PSTN, BRI, and UMTS. The easier the interface to customize, the better the performance because you get a tool like what you want.

Easy to Manage

How much money and time do you spend managing your traditional communication systems? It can be the reason why your business is hard to grow. Change the condition by installing communication systems by Yeastar.

Unlike traditional communication systems, Yeastar communication systems are easy to manage. For example, you can manage the system from any browser you use. Then, you can check the boxes and pick a drop-list to fill the text fields.

It is also compatible with IP phones in which you only have to plug and play setup with Configuration settings. A communication tool with a friendly interface will make the process faster, along with a great result like what you expect.

It Has Multiple Languages

It doesn’t matter if your team doesn’t master English. Your company can still use the communication tools by Yeastar. It is because the provider supports its tools with a multiple languages feature.

The goal is to achieve user satisfaction. Users can use several languages in two different categories. As a result, you and your team can use the tools comfortably as they get used to them.

Applicable with A Variety of Communication Requirements

Yeaster distributes a variety of communications to cover different communication requirements in business. A comprehensive system is effective enough for small and medium businesses communication.  

For example, users can use Yeastar S300 IP PBX. This phone system is suitable for companies that need to support up to 300 users. You can even expand the system to up to 500 users.

It is compatible with 24 analog ports, up to 24 BRI ports, up to 3 E1/T1/R1 ports, and up to 6 GSM channels. You are about to use a communication device with the latest processor technology. It is also a system with one of the highest Mean Time Between Failures or MTBF.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a small business. You can use a specific tool, such as Yeastar S100 IP PBX. This device is suitable for 100 users with 30 concurrent calls.

Users can expand the system into 200 users and 60 concurrent calls. Users can use this device with analog ports, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/RRI, and GSM networks. Yeastar PBX always uses the latest processor technology and high Mean Time Between Failures to keep the performance of its products in the industry. The idea is to make sure that users can achieve the best business communication.