6 ways to protect the risk of technology security based on the risks happened

6 ways to protect the risk of technology security based on the risks happened

In this era, the advancement of technology can change the economy of global. People start from offline to online and change all their life with technology. However, there cannot be denied as long as technology advancement, there is a bad thing such as hackers. The hackers have a job to hack the system in the technology field. They do save the data to ransom, give malware and make the networks broken. This is called exploitation things on the internet. Hackers were born since 1990.

The security risk is the most important to know because there are many people reach it. The technology needs to security risks of the information. The information security forum (ISF) tells the threat horizon which researches the security risks. Here are the risks and how to prevent and maintain the risks:

Ransomware on Internet 

The Information security forum (ISF) give a report which causes a disruption. The risk of Ransomware will attack the network, devices and security of the companies. The internet of things can be used to give ransomware of the devices and systems. If this virus or malware needs to expansive cost to repair, you do not lose the authority of data. To prevent the ransomware in device and system, you need the cyber security and the standards of private use. You have to use anti-ransomware to reduce the risk in devices and operating system.

AI-powered chat bots 

The second risk is Artificial intelligence in chat bots which can manipulate information. In advancement technological, there is much new information per second on the internet so that the fake news was born too.  Information will give an impact of a company started from the decision making, marketing and promotion and price of products. The integrity information to face the risk of artificial intelligence to differentiate between the chatbots and people. To maintain the risk, you have to keep the integrity and trust of fake news.

There are ways to control the information spread. To recommend the implementation risk to monitor channels on online media. Perhaps, you can use the consider method to detect fake news such as machine or algorithms method.

Manage the failure to influence the global trade

Generally, the cyber-attack can enter in government, companies and institution so that it could be lost for millions of dollars. The failure of the system can make the transaction of global trade shutdown. To manage this failure of cyber warfare in global trade, the ISF suggests creating the standard system to communication. The most important way is you have to predict the system. Security risks of the failure global trade can help to monitor, manage and analyze the security system. There is a company to provide the rapid analysis and intelligence attacked, it called a security operations centre (SOC). You can prevent the risk by monitoring the failure of technology security.

Company secrets

The next risk is to protect the secret of the company. Governments have created legislation which accessed by providers. The purpose is to monitor the activities of terrorist, data collection and company secrets. The cyber criminals will try to get access to those data so that the government has to prevent the unauthorized. Although, ISF can provide the storage regulations and check the data so that the government keep the secret as authorized of the data.

The risk of the block chain system 

The technology of block chain was released in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a group which made the system. This application gets security risks because it relates to financial companies, healthcare or other companies.  To maintain or protect the system you have to know the security of the block chain. Be sure to use the requirements of standard performance to analyze the block chain activities so that the companies can protect the block chain system from the threat.

Reduce the attacks of cryptocurrency 

The development of technology can give the attack from the cryptocurrency to give the infection to a computer by injecting the malware. The malware can give in the hardware resources by using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency refers to hijack the performance of the computer so that the computer will slow down. To prevent this risk is the implementation of a new strategy which focused on standard and training. The employees should be taught of cryptocurrency hijacking. You can use phishing or try to install anti-crypto mining. If the system can detect a problem, you can block directly or delete the extensions of your browser.

This risk should prevent quickly so that your computer system can be good operations. By using phishing or anti-crypto mining can reduce the attacks of cryptocurrency on your computer.