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Best Android Apps that You Must Have in Your Android Device Now

Without apps, a smartphone is just a phone. With the right apps, your phone will not only become smarter, but also make you as its user a smarter and more efficient person. Thanks to human’s creativity and ingenuity and smartphone’s increasingly more advanced technology, new cool and useful apps are constantly appearing on app markets. If you are using an Android phone, especially the new one, here are ten great apps that you must have in your smartphone.


Launcher not only gives cosmetic enhancement to your smartphone, but also improves its functionality. You will not only get a fresh user interface with all of the fancy icons, wallpaper, and screen effects, but also new widgets and layered interface with revamped app drawer that improves the convenience and functionality of your smartphone. If you are looking for an alternative launcher for your Android device, you may want to try these.

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is known for its longevity and popularity. It has been in the app market for years and it is constantly developed to offer new features in accordance with the new technologies introduced by every Android update. Despite the many features that it offers, including customizable app drawer, dock, folder, icon, and gestures, Nova launcher is known to be lightweight and smooth.

Microsoft Launcher

If you use a Windows-based PC for work, using Microsoft launcher on your smartphone provides a smoother method to connect your smartphone to your PC. Windows 10 includes an integrated app that allows secure and smooth connection with Android smartphone, and the only way to use such app is to install Microsoft launcher on the phone. In addition to this nifty function, Microsoft launcher is known for its cool and smooth design, high level of customizability, and ad-free feature.

App Hoarder

When you download apps from Google Play Store, you have two options: downloading free apps with ads or in-app purchases or downloading paid apps. App Hoarder is a cool app that gives you a third option: downloading paid apps that are available for free. Don’t mistake this app with crack apps that give you access to pirated copies of paid apps. App Hoarder is completely legit and you can actually download it from Google Play Store. Certain paid apps become free on certain occasions. App Hoarder collects information about those apps and notifies you whenever free paid apps are available.


Inware for an Android device acts like CPU-Z for a PC. Inware shows comprehensive information about your phone’s specs, processing power, RAM, etc. The information it shows is constantly updated, so you can find out how much RAM is actually being used by your phone’s apps. This is useful if you want to find out whether a certain app or game has drained your phone’s resources or whether there is a performance leak on certain apps. And speaking about CPU-Z, there is also CPU-Z app for Android available if you need a comparison.

MX Player

There are hundreds of media playing apps on Google Play Store, but if you are looking for a solid app with complete codec support, MX Player is the best app to use. It plays all music and video files stored in your phone, updates its music and video library in a second, and has virtually all basic functions of music and video playing apps (loop, shuffle, etc.). it supports all music and video formats smoothly without ever showing any glitches.

Unified Remote

You can connect your PC to your phone using Microsoft launcher, but what if you are looking for a full cross-platform solution for all systems you are using? Unified Remote can be the answer. This fancy app not only connects your Android phone to your Windows PC, but also to all systems prevailing today, including Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino Yun. If connectivity and synchronization among your different systems is considered a crucial matter, installing unified remote on all of those systems is considered crucial.


You can enjoy a huge selection of songs using Spotify, but what if you aren’t aware of the name or the artist of the song that you accidentally like? Shazam can offer a great solution. Shazam can accurately identify the song you want to hear just by “hearing” it. If you ever hear an unknown song that you like in a café, simply point your phone to the source of the sound and Shazam will identify the song for you. Together with Spotify, Shazam is a music app that you must have in your smartphone.