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iMyMac Mac Cleaner Review: It’s Time to Clean Your Mac

Cleaning laptop storage is both a necessity and a headache for all tech users. If you leave all the junk files and unneeded stuffs on your laptop, finally you would find your Mac is slowing down and quite get out of control.

But how to clean and what files are safe to be cleaned up is a question makes lots of people bewildered. I was one of those who saw storage cleaning a great task and wouldn’t solve this problem until then I was helped by a tech expert. That’s really time-consuming and inconvenient for me as I have so much work to do daily

However, things turn better recently. I found iMyMac Mac Cleaner to help me do all the cleaning-up things within only half of the time I spent at previous days. It includes all the necessary functions for cleaning up.

It helps completely uninstall unwanted software and erase junk files from Mac in condition of safety. The best thing for me is that it is smart enough to scan useless large files and emails, locate and remove them. It has many features that help me to manage all cleaning-up with one software.

Part 1. iMyMac Mac Cleaner Main Features

I think iMyMac Mac Cleaner is easy to use and it provides many features which totally satisfy my daily cleaning requirement. That’s why I choose it instead of other cleaning products.

1.   Delete Junk Files

Junk files is quite annoying as it not only slows down my way to find the files that matter to me but also takes up a lot of space on my Mac. But it turns out it’s quite easy to deal with this problem. With one click I could safely remove these junk files from my Mac. It is smart enough to scan and judge whether your Mac would be safe and sound once the files are removed.

2.   Erase Clutter

It helps locate and erase clutter unneeded to save space. You can leave all things like iTunes Backup, mail attachment, and multi-languages that really bewilder people when it comes to space cleaning up to it. I process many mail attachments with the help of this function.

3.   Remove Large & Old Files

The great thing about this is that it could automatically select and remove large and old files. You are able to learn the date and size of these files and decide whether to delete them or not.

Part 2. Other Useful Functions of Mac Cleaner

Except from the main features, it also provides smart processing method to different junk files and several important functions to manage your Mac.

System Junk

System junk such as system cache, application cache and user logs can be removed and you are able to use your Mac smoothly.

 iPhoto Junk

I stored lots of photos on my Mac and I’m desperately to deal with all these messes. With the help of this function, I could safely remove my junk photos and make my Mac well-organized. Besides, it saves more space and partially addresses the lagging issue of my Mac.

 Email Junk

It is so effective to clean those junk mails stacked in my Mac. I would be able to learn the status of the mail and decide if I would remove it. It is such a delight to every time I find out that I have no junk emails stored in my Mac.

 Similar Photo

I love travelling and I’d like to log the big events happened in my life. As time goes by, I find there are lots of similar photos in my Mac. That’ what I would do with these photos. I would remove these duplicate photos with the help of iMyMac Mac Cleaner and store only the precious ones on my Mac.

 iTunes Junk

All the iTunes junk like backups, installation packages, and corrupt downloads from iTunes can be removed. It saves more space and makes my Mac go smoothly.

 Trash Bins

Even trash bins can be the reason to slow down your Mac. You can clean the trash bins to free more space.

 Large and Old Files

It is convenient to find the large and old files that may be left behind for months. It is no need to keep them in your Mac. That’s what the software would do. It helps scan and find the old files. Then you are able to decide whether they should be kept on your Mac.

Duplicate Finder

Not only duplicate photos but also duplicate files, documents, and other media can be found. It would free more space to remove them from your Mac.

Part 3. Why Do I Choose iMyMac Mac Cleaner?

  1.         One-Click

There no complicated process and methods for me to learn and follow. All I need to do is open the function page I want and click the right button. It would help me figure out all the work automatically.

  1.         Powerful

It provides powerful function to check the status of CPU, Memory, Disk and even the Battery state. Then precise data would be accessible for you to learn the status of your Mac.

  1.         Selectively

It would show the scanned results in certain order. You are able to decide which files to remove. Before the decision-making, you can preview the information and status of the files. That would help you to remove files selectively.

  1.         Free to Try

You are provided with the chance to try Mac cleaner with 500 MB for free. All functions are available to use during the free trial. 


It is able to work on many device models such as iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The Bottom Line

Storage cleaning is always a concern for many Mac users. For me, the best product is to address all the cleaning-up issues within one software as I’m in tight schedule and have no time to do research on this field. 

So here I share what I find useful to clean up my Mac and expect you to share your experience and thoughts. If you are busy in daily work like me, you may find it is useful to let iMyMac Mac Cleaner do cleaning for you.