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Top 7 Cool Tech Devices You Should Add to Your Car

You do not have to be an auto enthusiast to know that you need to more tech gadgets added to your car. Today, innovators and manufacturers have come up with cool devices that enhance the driving experience and also promote safe driving. If your vehicle is old, you can modernize it in the best way possible by adding these devices.

One thing to note, however, is that not all aftermarket devices will be compatible with your vehicle. Be sure to check this before you buy one from your favorite store. Otherwise, you may have wasted your money, especially if you bought from an online store without a return policy.

And now, we will share the top coolest devices that you can add to your car to modernize it. Keep reading.

Aftermarket Android or iOS Screen

If you are a fan of any of these hand units, you can easily upgrade your old unit or radio to this. Either of them comes with numerous features intended to entertain the driver and passenger on the go. Although a high-quality head unit is expensive, it is worth every coin that you spend. Some of the things to enjoy include receiving calls, playing music, and getting the navigation route via the integrated GPS antenna. It might also be able to access other features in more modern models of the car.

A Heads-Up Display

Driving has now become easier with these devices. They are connected to either the GPS on your phone or the GPS navigation unit. The driver does not have to keep looking at the screen positioned at the center of the dashboard to know the next turn. The device projects the information on the windscreen right in front of the driver. Sophisticated heads-up displays also bring more options onboard like message displays and other information. Also read, 5 Top GPS Tracker for Car with App.

A Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras have become popular both for private cars and fleet vehicles managed by professional companies. If you visit a website that sells these devices, you will get a chance to choose the best ones. Do not go for anything less than wide-angle FHD recording capability if you want to enjoy the footage. Today, there are tiny dash cams for those who prefer a minimalistic and organized dashboard setup.

A Bluetooth OBD Scanner

One of the most worrying dashboard lights is the check engine light. It is hard to tell what triggered it unless you have an OBD adapter hooked up in your car. The best thing is that you just need to download a compatible app on your phone and pair the devices to know the problem. But these adaptors do more than that. It is better to research more about what you can get from the OBD scanner that you intend to buy. Otherwise, any of them will come in handy when that annoying light shows up.

A Quick USB Charger

Although most modern vehicles come with a USB port that can charge devices, none can match the quick charger. This will come in handy when you want to charge your phone as you drive for a short distance to work or when many passengers want to share the same charger. It is hooked up in the 12V port that comes with most cars these days. After all, there is the cigarette lighter port that works in the same way for older models. Make sure that it has about three USB ports to allow many people to charge at the same time.

12V Portable Vacuum Cleaner

This is a device you need to have in your car to maintain a high level of cleanliness. It is not healthy to breathe dusty air in the vehicle or drive a vehicle that has litter all over. The vacuum cleaner has low wattage that will not strangle your battery, but it does the intended work perfectly. Those who have tested the devices claim that it can also pick up relatively larger debris. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Reverse Camera and Sensors

Manufacturers of auto accessories have now come up with aftermarket reverse cameras and sensors that can be installed in any vehicle. If you have a head unit with a screen, then getting this installed is easy and straightforward. The camera will reduce accidents when you are reversing in tight parking lots or any other place.


Having any of these devices will quickly change your driving experience. In fact, it is better to strive to have them all added to your car. You will not regret upgrading your car at all.