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Ways Technology Can Help Elderly

For centuries, seniors have been cared for somewhat routinely, there is a doctor who diagnoses and maintains the medication needs and there is the caregiver like a family member or a group of a nurse who takes care of daily needs. Then they may need some help from various issues, such as lack of mobility, loneliness, memory loss because of aging or diseases and the loss of hearing or vision.

But, thanks to the baby boomers, they may be just aging at the best time. This is because the technology has never been better for senior care. Over the last 10 to 15 years along with the increase of smartphones and GPS, the senior car has been better thanks to its advancement. Sometimes, the elderly can care without the human present. But first, let’s see how technology can help the medical information.

IoMT– Internet of Medical Things 

Internet of Things is a pretty simple concept – this is a device connection that can be turned on and off through the internet connection allow you to share the data as well. Even this technique can be used in the medical field too, so they create the Internet of Medical Things.

The more professionals in the medical field which connecting with each other, then the more things that they can learn from each other. According to Cognizant shows that the whole medical system such as patients, payers, caregivers, and providers experienced the new level of engagement which has been caused by remote monitoring and maintaining process connected to the equipment, diets, knowledge about the exercise regimen and visibility.

The medical world starts to use this kind of information to help seniors with their medicational schedules, their implants, and vital signs to help their health. There are other technologies that you can see, one of them is IoMT. They were focused on the fast-spreading of information to help seniors in the best ways.

GPS Features 

GPS has been around for a few decades, but during the last 10 years, there were two features improved such as the accuracy and details delivered to the system of satellites. Now, how this feature can help seniors? Especially, GPS help to find out seniors who may be lost. The elders with the memory problems come from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has a habit to get around or wondering – mean that they can be lost the direction or even completely lost if the seniors know the locations better. More than 60 percent of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia would be wandering. So, someone who does not find within 24 hours, individuals who wander around may suffer serious death and injury.

The need to find out seniors is very necessary and has the services and GPS services can help you with that. For example. There is a company that produces a GPS tracker that can be located in the clothing, handbags or soles of shoes. You can place this system in their clothing accessories and they would be easy to find if they were not where they were supposed to be.

Smartphone Apps 

Smartphone Apps are one of the biggest advancements in technology and have helped seniors and caregivers in many ways. You can use any basic smartphone. Seniors can monitor several things such as heart rates, medicines, and their locations.

The apps were pretty helpful for their families and caregivers. The information that they collect can be transmitted to the doctors to help see how seniors may get impacts an aging age, come from their mobilities to how the medication affects them. This app also helps family members to track their seniors and know where they were all of the time – which can be very useful if they can see their family member activity was decreased. In the simplest form, this app also helps seniors occupied as well.

Robot or virtual assistants 

There are some devices available that allow seniors to get help and get a better understanding of medical duties for that day such as getting prescriptions, exercises and so on. Without someone accompanies them.

There are some apps for the touchscreen tables, many of them come with the automatic voices that allow senior apps feel like as if someone was there to help them. It will give a sense of community which is important for seniors as they age, especially if they are aging alone. There are also some robots as well where seniors can track their homes to remind them to take medicines, listening to their favorite music, browse the digital contents and connected to the family, and more.