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Best New Gadgets for Artists

There are many ways artists go digital, such as using software to do digital painting. One interesting way to incorporate technology in artistic works is by using the latest gadgets for artists. Some of the best gadgets are reviewed below.

Graphic Tablet

Graphic tablet is the most obvious proof of the successful implementation of technology in the field of arts. With a graphic tablet, you no longer need to get your hands dirty with ink, paint, and all traditional painting instruments. A graphic tablet consists of an opaque tablet and a stylus with great pressure sensitivity. The tablet transmits stylus pressure to your computer screen so that you can see your drawing result on the screen. The latest graphic tablet models even incorporate touchscreen panel that allows you to see your drawing immediately on the tablet screen. Wacom’s products have always been artists’ favorites when it comes to graphic tablet. If you are looking for Wacom’s latest and most sophisticated product, you can check Wacom Intuos and Wacom Cintiq.


Even the most skilled artists often need a model when they want to make a realistic painting. This model, however, is not necessarily human. You can get a modern poseable mannequin with joints that represent real human joins perfectly. Full-body mannequins are available, but if you want to draw only a specific part of the body, you can buy hand mannequins or anything else.

Digital Graphic Pen

No matter how sophisticated a graphic tablet is, many artists still prefer drawing on paper. If you want to produce a digital art without resorting to using a graphic tablet, you can use a digital graphic pen. You can use this pen to draw on paper, but it is also capable to transmit your drawing data to a smart device. One excellent example of this gadget is Livescribe 3. There are many advantages of using this gadget. Firstly, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of drawing on paper. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about size constraint because paper is always broader than a graphic tablet. Thirdly, a digital graphic pen is smaller and more portable than a digital graphic tablet.


When you draw, especially digitally, you want to make sure that the color that you use in your digital art matches its real counterpart perfectly. This is not always easy because of various factors, such as screen color and temperature calibration and the artist’s inaccurate color comparing ability. With Pantone CAPSURE, you no longer need to worry about picking the right color. This small gadget has a camera that can detect a specific color of a certain object in your environment and then provide you with the hexadecimal code of the color that you must use in your digital art. This gadget can distinguish 10,000 colors, ensuring that the acquired color data are accurate.

3D Printer

Digital painting is not the only procedure to incorporate technology in the artistic world because many artists actually also do digital sculpting. Sculpting using computer software is not a big matter as there are many applications that you can use for that purpose, such as ZBrush and Blender. The real big matter is actually bringing your 3D concept to the real world. Here is what a 3D printer does. With a 3D printer, you can print your 3D model into a tangible 3D object. The price of a 3D printer may range from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on its printing precision, especially when printing small and thin parts; its colors; its print size; and other features that affect the quality of the printing result.

Electric Eraser and Sharpener

Anyone who uses pencils must have a reliable eraser and sharpener in their inventory. Traditional rubber eraser and manual sharpener are available; however, if you want to incorporate technology in your paper drawing, get an electric eraser and sharpener because they can surely make your drawing activity more convenient and more fun to do. If you are looking for such products, you can get ones from Staedtler.

Air Purifier

An air purifier may not directly affect the quality of your works of art, but it does help you make your drawing room healthier and more comfortable, making you a more productive artist. When using paints or when sculpting an object, there will be a lot of fumes and tiny particles floating in the air, making your room uncomfortable and unhealthy. If you are exposed to those fumes and particles, your health may deteriorate and your artistic activities will bring more harm than fun. Get an air purifier now to keep the air inside your room clean and healthy.