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Templates vs. Custom Built Websites- Which One to Follow

The business always needs a great start for a great success. This is the world of internet and while planning business it’s necessary not to neglect the importance of the internet. In the 21st century, even small businesses earn sufficient leads while using the internet.

There are many up and down’s while creating a website. There are many free website hosting companies which provide templates and many provide custom web designs. There is always confusion to go with templates or custom built websites. The featured templates cost low than the custom built websites. To resolve this confusion, we will discuss the pros and cons of both the templates and custom built websites in order to make you understand which could go best for you.


The templates play an important role for short businesses. If you have a low budget or can’t afford to hire a web designer, you can go with templates. The best and easy way is to select a WordPress hosting from the top providers such as host break and apply a feature template from elegant themes, template monsters and theme forest.


The top benefits of using templates are

  • They are mobile responsive so you don’t need to work for making your website mobile friendly
  • Templates cut the development time of a website into half as they provide many feature templates and designs that don’t need to be re-design
  • The layouts are quite modern and eye-catchy


While templates do come up with great benefits but also have some drawbacks that you need to know. The top drawbacks are as follows

  • You have limited customization as the templates provide a limited variety and don’t allow much creativity
  • There is a risk of getting originality in the brand if the templates used are not featured ones
  • Creativity is not allowed in designs. You have limited options and you cannot own your designs
  • Templates could be similar to other companies as many small companies buy feature templates

Custom Built Websites

The custom built moon lamp websites are far better than templates. If you are willing to pay more than you should go for the custom built websites. There are many benefits of custom built websites. Nowadays companies always go for the benefits rather than prices. There are thousands of companies that are using custom built websites. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of custom built websites.


The custom built website enables you

  • To update an aspect of your website it is directly proportional to your growing level. The more you will grow the more you can update and can change the top things
  • To control completely over the looks. You can design as you want and utilize creativity.
  • To build an attractive unique mobile-friendly website that could appear in google search. This is easy by hiring a web developer/designer


The drawbacks are as follows

  • You will need to hire a designer for creating a custom built website. The cost will eventually be more than the templates
  • You need more consideration while building a custom website as a slight negligence can ruin your time, money and website
  • It requires more time to build than the template. The template is ready-made while the customs need to be built.