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Publish Your Book Worldwide For Free With Pencil

Mumbai-based self-publishing platform, Pencil has been making strides within the field of digital content creation through its ingeniously equipped platform. In the digital world today, writers and storytellers require newer avenues of engaging with and bringing forward their creativity to readers across the world. Pencil recognises the demands of the transforming field of publishing and strives to accommodate these demands by making content creation easier and digitally assisted. Pencil’s platform not only enhances the opportunities of writing for authors by bringing in free self publishing, but also brings writers, readers, and storytellers closer together on its community platform.

Publishing on Pencil allows writers to publish in 60+ languages, including all Indian languages, and distribution in both eBook and Paperback format for free. Works published with Pencil are distributed across major retailer platforms that helps readers across the globe avail these books including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, and others. Through its well-equipped platform, Pencil makes publishing greatly accessible and free. Pencil’s innovative writing and publishing platform hosts a functional design that enhances the author experience.

In addition to one-step creation and distribution, Pencil offers dynamic editing tools to help authors create new version of their book based on reader statistics to understand the quality of reader engagement with their work. Using dynamic editing, authors can sell the new version worldwide while improving their content continuously.

Pencil’s digital platform provides the necessary digital environment required for the visibility and growth of the author. In case you’re wondering how to publish your own book online, Pencil is answering your need. Here’s a detailed overview of the publishing process on Pencil:

1. Create an account

Upon visiting, writers can sign up and create an account either by using their Google or Facebook accounts or simply through their email ID. Signing up with Pencil allows access to a personal profile, homepage, and a dashboard required to track all writing pursuits. The author dashboard is filled with resources necessary to the writer and helps divert them to the tasks that they wish to pursue. Writers can access the writing platform from here on and start writing or they can look at other avenues such as the community platform or access any stored or published works.

2. Finalising a manuscript

Before moving on to publish content, writers need to finish their manuscript. Using Pencil’s editor, writers can create a manuscript from scratch by availing tools such as notes preparation, sections addition and formatting, editing, and work overview. Otherwise, writers can choose to add the manuscript directly.

3. Providing book information

Extensive information and keywords allow more visibility of the book on purchasing platforms, and also help attract potential readers who may be interested in the content of the book. Once writers choose to move ahead with a manuscript, they have to provide various details regarding the book on the platform’s next step in publishing. These details include title, subtitle, author’s name, genre, blurb, sub-genre, and important keywords.

Pencil makes use of the advantages of digital databases to help writers categorise their work and bring them to readers across the globe.

4. Add a book cover

A good book cover inspires reader curiosity and makes the book more appealing. Pencil’s publishing platform holds a collection of pre-designed covers that authors can choose from. The authors can also use the official Canva plug-in on Pencil to access millions of custom  templates. They can also add a cover of their own that they can upload using the platform’s import tools. Additionally, writers can also avail Pencil’s cover designing services for a nominal fee to get the cover design that they desire for their book.

5. Set book price

Pencil offers a unique price recommendation tool and royalty calculator to help authors set the price and check royalty for eBook and paperback distribution on Indian and International retailers. This one-step distribution tool will help the writer digitally distribute their work worldwide on 400+ retailers in just a single click.

6. Sign the agreement

As part of the final step, writers have to confirm their bank details and provide a valid ID proof. Once they look through their author agreement with Pencil, they can digitally sign it to affirm their arrangement. From here on, the book will be finalised for publishing and be ready to become live for readers worldwide.

Pencil’s innovative self-publishing platform brings together a community of writers, storytellers, and readers who can engage in monetizing their creative pursuits for free. Pencil brings a fresh stylisation to the digital sphere of publishing that elevates and highlights author experience and engagement.

In an attempt to democratise creativity, Pencil’s digital publishing platform stands as no other as it bridges gaps between readers and writers through its tools of dynamic editing and reader analytics. Leading the digital acclimatization within the publishing field, Pencil brings to writers a process of self-publishing that is flexible and digitally diverse.