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Top 5 Photo Manager Software for windows in 2019

Organizing the photographs is unquestionably necessary for the present time. You have many images every day, and all these images must be categorized or organized in some sequence. If your images are appropriately organized, you can conveniently approach them whenever you need a picture. But the question arises how to manage all of your images at one particular location? It’s not a time to get worried because several photo manager software has developed to maintain and manage all your images in one place. Following is given the list of top Photo Manager available for Windows in 2019.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Manager Software

Adobe Lightroom is known as one of the top photo editing software, but also has one of the popular photo management programs. Lightroom is probably the best options for photography lovers as you can pay one price for both photo manager and photo editing. The editing features of Adobe Lightroom are just phenomenal, and the organizational tools are amazing as well. To begin with, Lightroom includes a wonderful import/export program that lets you effortlessly import your photographs and manage them according to your requirements in different folders.

In addition, Lightroom has an impressive image classification and virtual folders system. You can create virtual folders and catalogs that contain photos with similar tags. You can allocate tags and keywords to your photographs. You can even put metadata, for example, a title and a caption. You can also assign a rating to your photos and pick various colors to group them collectively. Ultimately, you can transfer your photographs and use extensive name change software, or perhaps add numbering to your photos.

These characteristics produce a simplified and comprehensive photo manager software that helps you really manage your work logically.

Adobe Bridge Photo Manager Software

Adobe Bridge is a photo manager software that allows users to take advantage of many features to organize and manage their photos. It is entirely free to use. Adobe Bridge photo manager software is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

All images in one place, the user can easily organize them in any way. Uploading photos to Adobe Stock is easy. Drag and Drop are compatible with Adobe Bridge. You can manage and stack panoramic and HDR images. With the import and export option, you can import and export photo from anywhere. Adobe Bridge offers its users a centralized color is amongst the top rated photo manager software.

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is one of the most popular photo manager software for Windows. This photo manager software has a very simple user interface, but works smoothly and very quickly: you can view the previews and thumbnails immediately and without noticeable delay. Like most photo manager software, FastStone has an advanced batching feature that makes it easy to edit the name of multiple photos at the same time. Also, you can easily convert your photos into various formats, including PNG, GIF, JPEG, and also PDF.

This photo manager software also has a full captioning system where you can add tags to your photos to quickly drop them. Then you can use these tags to find your photos. In addition, FastStone comes with predefined resize tools that let you resize your photos to a standard resolution. This will make it easier if you prefer a particular photo format for a specific job, etc.

Picajet Digital Photo Manager Software

Picajet Digital is the photo manager software that gives the user many options to manage interesting and useful photos. You can easily import photos from an external source and start improving and managing your photos. The drag-and-drop option is also available in the Picajet digital photo manager. Picajet offers many categories for organizing photo in a specific way. You can sort photos by rating, date, predefined keyword or file size. In Picajet, photo metadata is also visible, and you can restore missing files very quickly.

SortPix XL Photo Manager Software

With SortPix XL photo manager, you can manage your photos quickly and easily. Over time, you will receive large amounts of photographic camera photos on your PC. Clarity, find photos, find duplicate photos, and remove duplicate photos, images are not rotated properly, there is no reasonable file structure, and you have to search for each photo. For this, the perfect solution is SortPix XL! For more information and guidance related to SortPix XL photo manager software checkout at

SortPix XL photo manager software provides many useful features which include photo sorting, photo management, duplicate photo finder, delete duplicate photo cleaner, search photos, delete duplicate photos, and a comfortable image viewer.

The SortPix XLPhoto Management software offers many filtering and rating functions, several previews showing EXIF data such as shooting date, camera type, exposure and opening time, etc. The photo manager also allows you to insert date formats when generating new folders, advanced searches on the entire storage with filters by particular date, a file type classification, etc., Create a slideshow with audio, a tool for renaming multiple names for photos.