5 Best Video Editing Apps in 2019

You will need editing software to support your works, regardless you are a weekend hunter or a full-time professional. In this article, we have several brand names of software for video editing. We have made a summary of each brand name and we also add the essential things you need to know before choosing an app for video editing.

#1 Adobe Premiere Pro CC

So, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is considered the best software for video editing. It provides the experience of professionals when it comes to video editing. Anything needed by pro editors is available in this software. Also, it supports collaboration. The price starts from USD 19.99.

It offers a clear and flexible interface that will boost the process of video editing. It also gives users so many organizational tools to edit the videos. The speed is responsive and its ultimate power is really great in video editing. This software is also rich in “ecosystem”, not to mention its excellent stabilization. It supports unlimited angles if you use multi-cams.

However, there is no keyword tagging feature. Also, some techniques will require a training program in the first place. For example, the SpeedGrade and After Effects are not as intuitive as it sounds.

#2 Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel offers various features at one pack continuously. This package must be a good deal for every video editor. The updated version at 2018 adds some other features such as 3D titles, 360-degree support, and lens correction for action-cams.

You might love this software due to its wide selection of video creation tools that will always give you a lot of fun. Other than that, it has a simple yet clear interface. The software supports 3D media, Ultra HD, and 360-degree VR, which is very helping and fun for video editing. Other interesting features include stop-motion tool HTML5 video page creation, multi-cam editing, and multi-point motion tracking.

However, there is no search for media and effects. The rendering speeds are not much favorable as well. On the other hand, this software only supports 20 tracks for video overlay. The price starts from USD 89.99.

#3 CyberLink PowerDirector

PowerDirector always provides anything needed by its consumers. Related to its video editing app, the CyberLink from Power Director provides the fastest yet most capable video editing software for Windows PC. This is also the first app of video editing that supports footage with 360-degree VR.

This software provides fast rendering and loads of effects. Its clear interface allows everyone to get the best experience when using an app or software. It has a bunch of capabilities such as 360-degree video editing, multi-cam editing, screen recording, motion tracking, 3D and 4K capability.

However, you will not find the trimming feature in the source panel. Also, the interface could be pretty overwhelming due to its numerous tools. The color matching feature is considerably weak. This software costs USD 99.99.

#4 Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio is a video editing application that provides a fast and full-featured tool that is closed to a professional level. It also supports for multi-cam, 3D, and 360-degree editing. Its additional color grading along with the four-point editing made this software much appealing even though instabilities may still appear. It costs USD 99.95.

The good things about this app are such as clear interface, the capability to edit 360-degree videos, and tons of effect. It also provides fast speed for rendering accompanied by good audio tools. You can tag and give a star rating for media through this software. It also supports H.265 and 4K video along with multi-cam editing.

However, there are a few issues on its motion tracking while tested on PC. Some occasional crashes might still occur during the test. And the implementation of 360-degree VR was uneven too.

#5 Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium

Movie Edit Pro offers more solid stability and various up-to-date supports along with faster rendering speed. Of course, there are things needed to be improved if this software wants to compete with other top brands of video editing software. Still, this app is easy to use for sure. The software costs USD 74.99.

You may like this app because it provides tons of video effects that make the video editing more fun, not to mention its good titling tools. You can even choose a template that looks like a trailer in the movie. Its audio editing tools are very solid and the rendering speed is pretty fast. Besides supporting multi-cam angles, it also supports 360-degree media like VR. Also, this app is pretty stable.

However, however, there is not much help when it comes to difficult procedures. There is no tool for import and organization as well. If you want to get more tools and formats then you need to purchase the coded downloads separately.