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Artificial Intelligence: The Pros and Cons

Artificial Intelligence or we also call it AI is something that has taken so many aspects in life. Almost everything we see, touch, and feel involves the work from AI. This is why some people find it a bit scary if one day this world is run by AI, which also means that the human race is in danger.

Seriously, what is Artificial Intelligence? Why do we so worry about it? In this article, we are going to show you what artificial intelligence is along with the pros and cons of having this thing in our life. So, here is the result of our investigations.

About artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is essentially a concept. It makes the computer system be able to be used to do so many tasks that normally need human to do it. The tasks range from the speech recognition no matter what language you are speaking, all things about the visual perception, up to making decisions. Long story short, in general, anything can be touted as the artificial intelligence if the tasks involve the program to do something that normally can be done or relies on a human. How this thing can be done is basically not the point.

The levels of artificial intelligence

There are classifications when it comes to the work of artificial intelligence. And in this section, we are going to learn about that classification. Again, artificial intelligence will do tasks that commonly require the presence of a human being.

When it comes to the strong and weak classification, there are some things you need to know in the first place. The strong one means that the AI is able to work just like a human or it simply imitates human. It potentially explains how the way human thinks. But when it comes to the weak AI, it means that the system built inside a device is able to behave like how human would behave. However, this one could not think as human thinks because it is designed so.

Other than that, when a device or machine is designed to work on a specific task, it is referred to as the narrow artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, if the device is able to work in various tasks in general, it is referred to as the general artificial intelligence. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of AI? Read this article till the last part though.

The pros of artificial intelligence

One huge advantage provided by artificial intelligence is the potential of this thing to complete any task even the mundane ones. This thing is built with the intricate automation so the productivity can be increased with regular and stable speed. So, if humans think that a task is so boring then AI could make humans get rid of it.

Artificial intelligence has been used for the part of cognitive technologies. In fact, it helps a lot when it comes to faster decision making. It also helps to bring out the action much quicker.

Since humans often do the human error, AI will remove those kinds of error since it is not a human at all. As long as the device is programmed properly, any data would be processed without error even though the dataset is big. Human works involve a lot of risks. By using artificial intelligence, we already give all the risks to this AI. AI will help a lot in oil exploration, medical diagnosis, demand forecasting, and other areas.

The cons of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence indeed removes so many boring tasks for humans. In the future, it could make humans lose jobs. For example, artificial intelligence has been mounted in the driverless cars, which could make people have no option to be a driver in the future.

Since everything is done by artificial intelligence, humans seem to have no power from time to time. Can you imagine if this world is dominated with AI? Theoretically, this could kill humans without needing to wave wars or pull a trigger.

When it comes to decision making, humans will take judgment calls and unique circumstance, which cannot be done by AI, ever. AI is not designed to consider the whole circumstance when making a decision even in a crucial stage.

Artificial intelligence: a threat or a blessing

Clearly, there are tons of benefits offered by artificial intelligence on many aspects and industry sectors. However, humans will always use their own judgment when it comes to the term of productive. It is possible if the rise of the robots could happen in the future but as long as humans put their concern on this thing, it would not get out of hand.