5 Best Applications for Architectural Work in 2019

Creating buildings is a complex yet uneasy task. It requires a lot of details in it and the architect needs to put his or her vision in it as well. Basically, the presence of architectural software helps the architect to put the original concept in a certain space or media that can be brought everywhere. The basic purpose of the software is to address the logistical issues when it comes to producing numerous drawings for any size according to the project.

Nowadays, various software brands for architectural works also provide a new workflow and many new elements such as evacuation management and structural analysis. Other than that, each brand offers different capabilities that give advantages to the architects. So, in this article, we have five names of architectural software along with its pros and cons. Of course, there might be other names of software for similar work but these five names are considered the best and the most common on the market and among the architects around the world.

3DS Max

3DS Max is touted as flexible software for modeling system along with various powerful plugins. Besides supporting 3D modeling, this software also supports animation. You can put your AutoCAD work directly to this software. Its powerful plugins will create a fantastic 3D model result. However, its learning curve is so steep.

3D Studio has been around for decades now and was also one of the first tools that give 3D rendering. There are three main options you can choose such as Engineering and Construction, Production and Manufacturing, or Media and Entertainment. The last collection of 3DS Max includes Navisworks Manage, InfraWorks, Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD. The whole bundle costs USD 2,755 per year. You may get a better deal if you sign up for at least two years.

AutoCAD Civil 3D

This software is a huge favor for you if you prefer using AutoCAD because this app also provides a civil engineering twist. It offers a command line interface and versatile approach. However, there are a few stability issues that happen occasionally. Other than that, it does not fully support cloud saving.

Drawing and modeling are indeed the only two functions needed from CAD and builders. When the AutoCAD Civil 3D comes along, many other functions will impress you. This app is designed to work with other products of Autodesk for sure, especially AutoCAD, 3DS Max, and Revit. This app offers pipeline documentation and design for the workflow of Building Information Modeling or BIM. This app also allows the user to integrate the survey image with constructional geometry, service schematics, roads, and terrain modeling.

AutoCAD Architecture

This is just another tool provided by the Autodesk. It provides efficient keyboard shortcuts and supports Autodesk integration. However, you need to learn or take a training program first before using this app. On the other hand, this app is not designed for Revit or BIM.

AutoCAD, as we all know, has been a staple for architects and constructional engineers for years. This is why Autodesk also build a specific version called AutoCAD Architecture for building design. In order to speed up the process, users can use pre-built objects such as windows, doors, walls, and mechanism for creating plans, sections, and elevations from morel geometry.


This app supports a huge model complexity and the model data is very precise. Besides, everyone can learn to use it considering its intuitive tools. However, it is very expensive compared to products from Autodesk.

Since this app can handle any complex work, CATIA was designed to handle military hardware. Nowadays people also use it for architectural works. It also supports Cloud really well. However, the price is something that makes people pass.

Chief Architect

This app is basically a software house building kit. The most favorable thing from this app is its easiness to use. It also features such powerful smart tools. You can install and use the Chief Architect both in Mac and PC. Still, the price is kind of expensive after all.

The tools can be used by both the architects and homeowners. Depending on your needs, you can even choose which section you want to build. For example, if you want to design the interior then the Interior Mode will allow you to do that. And this is the end section of 5 best architectural apps in 2019.