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CRM Business Solutions Built For Large Enterprises

For a business to make a profit, it needs customers. But managers think not only about sales volumes. Optimization of internal business processes, customer base segmentation, logistics, communications with clients, work of the accounting department, control over the execution of orders, and other routine tasks have to be solved daily. Some business processes can be automated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). One of the CRM systems for large businesses that has been gaining popularity among companies is Salesforce.

Salesforce Brief Description

Salesforce is a world-famous CRM product provider that offers a range of business solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of international corporations.

One of the key strengths of this software is its ability to centralize and arrange customer data. Huge companies deal with massive amounts of customer data, ranging from contact details to purchase history. Salesforce makes it easy to gather, store, and analyze this information, letting business owners understand their clients and find out how to work with them.

Its key features include:

  • Opportunity management. Businesses can close more deals by identifying perfect opportunities with the Opportunity Management module.
  • Contact management. Due to this module, large corporations can track metrics, such as customer history, messages, and social media mentions.
  • Sales performance management. Salesforce helps large businesses set sales goals and update goals to achieve the best sale results.
  • Visual workflow. Using this, businesses can drag and drop, share and track files and updates.
  • First channel feature. It allows each user to see what they want to see first (depending on their settings). 

Since Salesforce together with Redtag allows companies to integrate their CRM with free and paid business tool features, they achieve better results and increase their efficiency.

What Salesforce Brings to Large Enterprises

Here’s why Salesforce is the ultimate solution for large enterprises:

  • Increase in the number of new leads. Most sales managers prefer to call existing customers with whom an ongoing relationship has been established. But new leads determine the future growth of the business. So, it’s important to measure the number of new leads compared to existing leads.
  • Increase in time spent on customer contact and resolving customer issues. There is usually not enough time to train sales professionals, although it helps respond correctly to customer questions and problems. To determine the benefit of implementing CRM, measure the number of hours per day that sales managers spend in contact with existing and potential customers. This metric can be applied to sales representatives taking on customer questions.
  • Improving customer service efficiency. Customer service is what differentiates one company from another. Try to determine how much time is spent on solving a customer’s problem and how many service errors are made as a result of misleading information.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction. Use customer surveys and display ratings in places accessible to staff.
  • Improving communication within the company. As staff costs increase, the need for effective communications increases. To understand how having CRMs impacts the business, measure the cost of providing and receiving information between local offices and head office.

Large companies notice these benefits as soon as their employees start working with the Salesforce CRM platform.