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Critical Things We Can Learn From Japanese Airbus A350 and Alaska Boeing 737 Max 9 Airplane Incidents

Airplanes become one of the top three transports worldwide. People pick this transportation model because air transport is the fastest method. Yet, air transport is also one of the risky transport models.

Nowadays, we hear about the investigation reports on airplane crashes. Indeed, the airlines must consider the safety features of their airplanes for the safety of their passengers. Here is a little bit of my opinion about airplane safety from the two latest airplane incidents. 

Japanese Airlines Airbus A350 Incident 

This Japanese Airlines Airbus A350 accident happened on January, 2nd 2024. At that time, everything was okay until a fire appeared when the Airbus sped down about half a mile away. Surprisingly, this airplane brought 379 passengers. 

The good news is that all the passengers were safe from this scary accident. Unfortunately, there were victims in this Japanese Airlines Airbus A350. During the incident, the airplane was blown up. There were five of six people on the coast guard plane reported dead. 

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 Airplane Incident 

The second incident happened on January, 5th 2024. At that time, an Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 was about to take off. Everything was okay until the passengers were surprised by the sound of the emergency exit doors. 

Indeed, the passengers were panicking because the emergency exit doors were blown out. Surprisingly, this incident was coming from the unused emergency exit doors of the airplane. Fortunately, the plane successfully turned around and landed in Portland, Ore. Yet, it was a traumatizing moment for the passengers, especially a teenager who sat near the door. 

The report explained that his shirt was torn off while his mother clung to him. Best of all, no one died or got serious injuries in this scary airplane incident. 

The Importance of Professional and Experienced Airplane Crew 

One of the critical things that I learned from these two airplane incidents is the importance of professional and experienced airplane crew on the airlines. Indeed, they had to face the most difficult situation while thinking about the safety of the passengers. The passengers in those accidents may die without the bravery of the crew. 

For example, in the Japanese Airlines Airbus A350 incident, the pilot could control the airplane to land safely. The crew successfully moved all the passengers to a safe place. It is the same case with the Alaskan Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 Airplane incident. The pilot understands the situation and finds out the best solution to land the plane in a safe place before something bad happens. 

The Importance of Regular Airplane Maintenance and Updated Features 

Indeed, professional and well-trained airline crew are so critical. Yet, airlines must consider doing regular maintenance and updating the safety features on the airplanes. Airplane regular maintenance is critical before the airplane takes off. It ensures that the airplane is ready to fly and deliver the passengers to the next point safely. 

At the same time, airlines must use the latest safety features on their airplanes. The latest safety features often prevent common incidents during flight. The crew can handle the incident right away and according to the procedure using the latest safety features. 

The airlines must send their crew to the latest air transport training. The training is about improving their skills and knowledge of the latest air transport technology and industry. The crew also needs to learn the way to save the passengers in the most difficult situations. It is also critical to prevent trauma and serious injuries or even loss of the passengers. 

The passengers also must learn and understand the terms and conditions before and during the flight. For example, they are not allowed to use their mobile phone during the flight because it disturbs the airplane signal. The understanding of the passengers on the flight terms and conditions can keep the flight safe and comfortable. 

So, all parties that are involved in the flight must understand their roles. Airlines must keep the airplane in good condition and ready to fly. On the other hand, the pilot and crew must understand their duties, especially in a hard situation, such as if there is an unexpected incident. 

The passengers also must understand the things they must do and do not do before and during the flight. We can learn a lot from the Japanese Airlines Airbus A350 and Alaska Airlines Boeing 736 Max 9 incidents. These airplane incidents may lead to more victims without a great handle from the crew.  It means that the crew understands the standard actions they must take during this horrible situation. At least, it keeps the panicked passengers calm and believes the crew. If so, air transport can be one of the safest and most comfortable transport models