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5 Future Predictions For Cloud Marketplaces

One of the more exciting trends in cloud computing has been the emergence of cloud marketplaces. As the name suggests, these companies act as a sort of commercial mall where any type of cloud-based service can be bought or sold.

Cloud marketplaces are an exciting trend in cloud computing because they allow small businesses and individual developers to purchase access to enterprise-level technology at costs that they can afford.

Here are our future predictions for cloud marketplaces:

Cloud marketplaces will become more popular

As cloud computing continues to grow in popularity, so too will the need for access to various cloud services. Cloud marketplaces simplify this process by acting as a sort of “one-stop shop” where users can quickly and easily purchase or sell any number of different types of services.

Additionally, the increasing prevalence of mobile devices means that end users are increasingly dependent on cloud services for everything from managing their personal files to working with Office documents.

As the number of mobile devices explodes, individuals will need an easy way to access cloud services while on the go. Cloud marketplaces will be a perfect solution because they allow users to purchase cloud services directly through their mobile device.

Cloud marketplace companies will start to merge with each other

In a trend that will likely be more popular as the market begins to mature, we expect to see some of these cloud marketplace companies begin to consolidate. This will allow them to better leverage resources and develop more robust offerings for their customers.

More cloud service providers will get into the space

One of the factors that is holding some cloud service providers back is the fact that they lack the established customer base to make joining a marketplace worth their while. As more companies start to integrate with these marketplaces, it will become easier for small and inexperienced startups to find customers.

The cloud marketplaces industry is expected to grow even more

Most experts agree that there are some big changes on the horizon for cloud computing. The recently published Cloud Market Report 2015 by RightScale Inc. contains some of these projections, including an increase in the number of large companies that use cloud marketplaces to purchase cloud services.

The internet of things is increasing the need for cloud marketplaces

Finally, data shows that as more devices are connected to the internet, it will become increasingly important for cloud marketplaces to deliver the services these devices require. This is because other types of cloud services may not have all of the resources that IoT devices need.

Since cloud marketplaces are becoming more popular and necessary every day, many experts believe that this trend is just getting started.

Furthermore, there are countless examples of successful cloud marketplaces that currently dominate their respective spaces.

The growing popularity of these services makes it clear that they will continue to be a major part of the global economy for years to come.


As more and more people begin to rely on cloud services, they will need an easy way to access a variety of different cloud marketplaces. Fortunately for them, the trend looks like it is here to stay