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What Tech Can Help Streamline an Employee’s Working Day?

It is very easy for an employee to get bound up in little things that can slow them down throughout the day. There might be too many small details that they need to focus on, when their time could be better put to use elsewhere. Turning to tech for an answer might be best. Here are some of the pieces of tech that you could introduce that could serve to streamline an employee’s working day.

ID Cards

A contactless ID card like an HID card might seem like an odd choice when considering tech that could streamline a working day, but it actually has several important functions. Cards like these can be programmed with several uses, making it easy for employees to do several things quickly and efficiently.

For example, cards like these are frequently used for access control. Rather than have password after password that needs to be entered into a set of doors, an employee will just have to present their card to a reader by each one. This will then let them through, eliminating the need and security risk of passwords being handed out across the company. It can also streamline the onboarding process of a new employee, since they will just need to be presented with their card rather than be introduced to individual passwords.


If you have a new employee starting, you should consider providing them with equipment such as a computer. While this is a given in many office-based jobs, the popularity of this is also on the rise with remote-working.

By providing an employee with a computer with all the right programs installed, they can get to work right from the get-go, even if they are working from home. This will streamline their first day as they won’t have to install all new software onto their machine, and you can be certain that they are using the right programs.

Productivity Management

Even with the right tools on hand, some employees can struggle to get past their trivial tasks. They tend to get bogged down in details when they should be putting something to one side and instead moving forward. Therefore, it can be a good idea to look for some sort of productivity monitoring software for employees.

This could be as simple as laying out their work for the day, or it could actively time them as they complete the task to help them improve on their output. You can even find apps that will block social media and other distractions, allowing them to focus wholly on their work at hand.

The above solutions should be considered if employers want to find some small niche areas that they can improve upon in their business. There are always going to be some ways that you can streamline your company and make the day easier for employees to manage overall. If you are able to do so, you should notice an increase in the happiness of your staff, and hopefully in the output of the business too.