6 Transportation Business Ideas You Can Start Now

Transportation service has fast potential growth and profit in the future. Additionally, there are many types of businesses in transportation services available for you to choose from. Picking up the rightest type of transportation for business will highly depend on your personal skills and interests. Find out potential transportation business ideas to start on the following page.

#1. Moving Van

Moving van businesses are relatively to start and profitable. However, it doesn’t mean that you will find no obstacle at all in the business. Your main competitor in the moving van business, perhaps, comes from rented box trucks that become the favorite of college students. It won’t be something to worry about, anyway, if you manage your business professionally. Aside from moving services, you can also offer add-on services to your customers. This can be a temporary space where your clients can use it as in-between moves storage. The cost you need to start this moving van business includes buying some trucks in various sizes to accommodate your clients’ needs.

#2. Livestock Transportation

Livestock transportation is another popular type of transportation business. When starting this kind of business, make sure that you have learned about the regulations. Most of the time, specific licenses aren’t required when transporting horses. However, they might be needed if you get into commercial-size vehicles to transport a lot of animals at once. In this case, you will need bovine or equine experience to give peace of mind to your clients when transporting their animals. Not only that but you also need to learn about the livestock transport regulations for crossing state lines when running the business. 

#3. Limousine Service

Limousine is never out of date and the vehicle is a great option to take whenever you want something luxurious and classy to transport you. One of the best things about limousine service is that you can get clients from various backgrounds, from celebrities to ordinary people. However, focusing on providing limo service to regular people and let them experience life like a celebrity for a day is highly profitable. When running the business, you need to keep in mind that a clean reputation is critical. All your clients want is enjoying your ride, doesn’t matter where you are going to take them to. In this way, you need to be super trustworthy. As for the vehicle, you need to make sure that the limo is well-maintained and safe.

#4. Taxi Service

If you have a car at home and want to earn additional income from it, consider this taxi service as your next business. To make things easier, you can join settled taxi companies such as Uber. Not only profitable but this business also requires low-cost only. All you need to do is just sign up as a driver and the company will handle the rest of the ride’s financial aspects. As a driver, you will receive payment from the company on a weekly basis. However, this would be your own responsibility to take on overhead costs such as gas, maintenance, and insurance since you are an independent contractor in the business. Based on reports by SherpaShare, a financial analytics website, Uber drivers in the US make in the range of $8.80 to $11 per hour gross. 

#5. Medical Transport

Medical transport comes with some options you can choose based on your expertise and interests, making it an important player in the industry. Some of the business options in this medical transport service will require you no more than standard requirements such as a driver’s license, a regular vehicle, and a clean driving record. You can choose to focus on transporting elderly people to local medical facilities or driving people long distances to world-class hospitals located in another state. You can even manage to have a business contract with hospitals to transport admitted patients to other medical facilities if you have an EMT license.

#6. Specialty Transportation

A specialty transportation business is another type of business you should put under the radar. The business will focus on providing a specific kind of unusual transportation. It usually involves services to transport an extremely large piece of chunks like modular houses and parts of the airplane. Specialty transportation also provides services to transport refrigerated perishables, human organs, and blood. Running this business might only give you fewer clients but it really provides you a healthy income. The business will allow you to charge higher fees for the specialty services and expertise that you offer. Depending on where you are located, some states will dictate whether you can hire employees or need to do the business yourself.