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The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android to Use Today

Taking photos is one of the popular things that today’s phones can handle very well. A lot of modern phones are equipped with a stunning camera and even two or more cameras. The ultimate purpose of that feature is to provide the best chance to capture beautiful moments. Nevertheless, the captured photos are not good enough for some people to upload or print. That is where the best photo editing apps come in handy to enhance the raw images further.

It is undeniable that there are so many mobile apps nowadays with different purposes as well. Even just within the scope of photo editing, there are so many different apps to choose from. Some of the apps are exclusive to one operating system either Android or iOS. Anyone should try to edit any photos taken by the camera of phones because that will greatly elevate the photos to a whole new level. Android users should check these photo editing apps to get better photos.

PicsArt Photo Studio

So far it has more than 100 million downloads in 2020. It is only reasonable that PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the best photo editing apps out there especially for Android. A very decent thing about this app is that it comes with a built-in camera as well instead of just a standalone photo editing app. It also comes with integrated social network sharing options as well directly from the app. Some basic features of a photo editing app can be found there that include frames, collages, and stickers.

The basic nature of this application is free to download but within the app, there are some purchases to make as well. The purchasable stuff will greatly boost the user experience upon using this app. It offers some rather serious features as well like brush mode, double exposures mode, and AI-powered effects. PicsArt Photo Studio is a photo editing app for anyone. It is perfect for anyone who just cannot get enough of the raw photos captured by cameras of phones.

Photoshop Express

The next bit of the best photo editing apps to try is a popular one within the scope of photo editing in general. The Photoshop Express from Adobe is the mobile and compact version of the very well-known Adobe Photoshop for Windows. The interface is very minimalistic and makes it very easy to use even for the first-timer. This is a free app that at the same time is also an ad-free app. This app offers shortcuts to directly share the edited photos to the likes of Facebook and Twitter easily.

Even though it is a free app, it is packed with decent and much-needed features to beautify photos. Crop, rotate, flip, and straighten photos can all be done by this app easily. It has the feature of a one-touch filter as well to add various elements to the photos in one go. A great thing about Photoshop Express is the Rendering Engine that will be very useful to deal with large images as well as panoramic images properly. It is even possible to alter the perspective of any photo using it.


The next application on the list of the best photo editing apps for Android is the one from Google itself. The application is called Snapseed in which it is considered to be quite powerful in editing photos. In terms of the user interface it is pretty much easy to use. It needs only one tap to open any photo to edit right away. A very decent feature is to save the last editing preset that has been done. Later on, that saved preset can be used to edit more photos without having to start all over again.

Among the easy to use features of this application are the filters. It provides a lot of filters to apply to any photo in just one tap. That will make it so much easier to alter photos without having to deal with a lot of individual aspects in editing. Upon completing a photo, it can either be exported to a new file or uploaded right away. The app itself is a lightweight app to use in any Android device, even the one that has only 2GB of RAM.

Those three of the best photo editing apps to find on Google Play Store will greatly help anyone producing great photos. They are all free to download and use while also very easy to use. Just try all of them and see the differences that they can make.