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Android Protection – Top 7 Security Apps to Protect Your Gadget

Browsing the internet through Android is never safe due to a lack of security updates. As safety is the main concern of gadget users now, Android protection is very much needed. The page has chosen 7 best applications that will help you to protect your device. Check the list here.

#1. Sophos

Sophos antivirus and security is one of the most popular security apps for Android today. The app does not only provide effective protection but it is also at an absolutely no cost. Sophos comes with the latest malware detection rate of 100%, making it stand out from competitors. Though the user interface might not be impressive for some people, the features offered will blow your mind. These include spam blocking, web-filtering, and virus scanning of storage media, existing apps, and installed apps. There is also a feature of loss and theft protection. The feature is completed with the support of remote access. This will make it possible for you to locate, ring, lock, and wipe, your Android.

#2. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is chosen by many people due to some good reasons. The app will make it possible for you to add an extra layer of security to regular SMS text messages sent to different users. This is still possible to happen even if one of the users is not using the app. Notable features you can find in the Signal Private Messenger include open source and end-to-end encryption to make sure that there will be nothing stored on the server. The app will also make it possible for you to encrypt messages when one of the users doesn’t install the app on their gadgets.

#3. Orbot

This Android application is part of the Tor project. The application will allow you to use the Tor network to route all of your traffic. The VPN in Orbot only utilizes a single server. Meanwhile, the Tor network will route your traffic through several tunnels. In this way, there will be no traces that can be traced behind. The application allows you to create a genuine data connection of a private mobile that will be encrypted and reencrypted for multiple numbers of times. The process will keep continuing until it gets to the last network, avoiding the sender to be traced.

#4. App Ops

Speaking about the best application to protect Android, you should include App Ops in the discussion. The application is specially designed to revoke a specific set of permissions to a certain app. By installing App Ops, you can get unnecessary permissions, making things simpler. You might need to get permission to all the aspects of your Android requested by an app when you install it. You won’t be able to install the app if the permission is declined. However, things would be different with App Ops. You can install the app easily even if you do not grant a particular set of permissions required.

#5. Find My Device

Another application you should put under the radar to protect your Android is Find My Device. The application is basically an improved Android Device Manager. The application will make it possible for you to lock, find, or ring your device remotely. Not only that but Find My Device app will also enable you to wipe the entire data of your gadget once it is out of your reach permanently. While most applications provide the service for users along with its other flagship services, Find My Device is different. With the app, Google will be much easier to set up and enables you to log in through the Android device manager of someone else. Not only that but you can also wipe data from your Android on the go by using the application.

#6. AppLock

AppLock will be an ideal option if you want to avoid intruders from accessing your device without you needing to keep any password. Additionally, it is very easy and simple to use the application. AppLock will ask a user to put a pattern or a pin to get access to the app. This will help you to protect your app from intruders in a more effective way. All you need to do is just put a lock on your Gmail, Contacts, SMS, or any feature in your gadget. However, make sure that you do not confuse the app lock with the built-in lock of your Android. For your info, the built-in lock will allow you to put a lock on your gadget. In this way, there will be nothing that can be accessed from the device. However, you need to keep in mind that AppLock puts a lock on the applications that you have chosen before.