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Why MAGFAST Extreme Belongs in Your Survival Kit

More than ever, we, as a society, are trying to be ready for the worst. When things go wrong, will we be able to keep ourselves and our families safe? Will we have the tools and resources we need to get vital information and communicate with our friends and loved ones if trouble arises? Without access to reliable, fast power, we may find ourselves in a situation that has gone from bad to worse. Fortunately, the latest in charging technology eliminates this threat, providing you and your loved ones with the ability to power up your devices safely for days in almost any situation.

Introducing MAGFAST Extreme

MAGFAST Extreme is essentially a portable supercharger. With a hefty 18,500 mAh capacity, it has the ability to provide power via 2 USB-C, 3 USB-A ports, 3 Qi Wireless ports, and a 500amp 12V outlet. This means that if your car battery fails, you could get an emergency jumpstart and get back on the road using your charger, without having to wait for roadside assistance for a dead battery ever again.

MAGFAST Extreme can be attached to the MAGFAST Road, which plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, to recharge the device as you and your family travel. It can provide power for your kids’ devices on a long road trip, giving you some much-needed solace during what could very well be a challenging moment. This combination gives you all of the electricity you need to keep an entire fleet of devices going and ensure that you’re as safe as possible if and when disaster strikes.

Though it packs a pretty remarkable punch when it comes to battery capacity, like all MAGFAST devices, Extreme is compact, elegantly designed, and extraordinarily efficient, weighing just one pound.

People Can’t Wait to Try It

Real people who support the MAGFAST project couldn’t be more excited.

Giancarlo Rendina writes, “Great company, totally transparent, excellent customer service. I love their weekly updates where they give info about progress on everything (product, business, company). They really care about the environment too, and this is another plus.”

Karmen Frazier says, “I think this LLC is great! Everything they are putting into their products and all the certifications they are getting that they aren’t required to do, but are doing, is awesome! Not to mention that for every product sold, they plant a tree. Or [seven] if you buy the bundle. Since I bought in early, they are planting double. That’s 14 trees! Not many companies offer anything like that.”

John Kozak adds, “This company has an amazing, cutting-edge product. Though I am longing to get my order from the drawing board to my home, their weekly updates are very informative and give great explanations of what is happening in R&D. I know it will be worth the wait. They are also very generous in their initial offering, and the opportunity to earn and win additional units definitely surprised me. Yes, it’s quite exciting. Their environmental outlook and activity is great too.”

Xavier Miller says, “MAGFAST has consistently communicated their vision and intent, while thoroughly managing expectations due to the exceedingly high standard they are maintaining. Based on what I see in the weekly updates, my expectations will be exceeded. On another note, most times I’ve communicated with MAGFAST [have] been to commend them on a stellar job, comment on an extraordinary improvement, or simply lend support. None of my communication needed a response. They responded every single time, without fail, very, very quickly, professionally, and thoroughly. What an incredibly unique, refreshing gem of a company.”


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