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5 Noise Canceling Headphones For Co-working Spaces

Do you work in a shared environment?

Then, by now you have no doubt lived through one of the downsides of these rather dynamic atmospheres – distraction.

-The insistent co-worker who has a knack for rambling up to you and going gonzo on their

new cat’s favorite chew toy.

-The annoying knave that NEEDs for everyone to hear their Spotify

playlist, like the rejected DJ that they are.

-The freelancer who simply forgot that breathing through their nose, and not their mouth, is an evolutionary function.

Here are 5 noise-canceling headphones. 5 Little wonders to help you slip into your own little

mind castle and put a screen between your work and those pesky distractions.

Sony’s WH-1000XM3:

Sony’s third-generation noise-canceling headphones. They are snug as a bug with a more comfortable fit than the previous model. They also sport a strong battery life. To top it off, on various performance tests, they have managed to beat out some of Bose’s legendary hardware.

Apple AirPods Pro:

Discreet with a rather cool design. They might not be as magical, given their hefty tag of $250,

but they are still some of the industry’s most sought after noise-canceling headphones. The newest models offer effective noise-canceling, improved bass performance, excellent call quality, a long-lasting battery, and an award-winning design and fit. Be aware that the battery isn’t replaceable – it degrades over time – and because they are so low key, you might end up losing them.

Sennheiser Momentum 3:

The newcomer in the field, Sennheiser is giving Sony and Bose a run for their money. It offers

improved noise-canceling, plus HD sound. It also performs great as a headset for making calls

and for getting Siri or Alexa up to speed on that day’s task. They have great padded ear cups,

covered with sheep leather and a 2 hour plus battery life.

Beats Solo Pro:

In the big boys’ table, Sony and Bose are the big kahunas – all business-like and shelling out their

street creds’ with great fanfare – while Beats is the artsy hippie who’s just “too cool for school.”

He’s there, sitting next to the shakers and movers, not wearing a necktie and simply doing his

own thing. Solo Pro is the first on-ear Beat’s headphone with noise cancelation. It is also the first

one to charge via lightning. Available in multiple colour options, this little wonder has a few cool

features to highlight. It is equipped with six microphones – two of which are designed to hone in

on your voice; an Apple H1 chip on board for Siri; well-balanced digital sound with punchy bass; and finally a tab button that can turn off the noise-canceling option and help you save battery life.

JBL Live 650BTNC:

The best for under 200 bucks. Comfort and noise cancelation at almost half the price of its competition. JBL’s Live measures “just fine” in terms of sound and noise cancelation. If you’re not to picky then they are great. Mind you, let’s highlight those two words – “just fine”; there’s a reason why Sony, Beats, Bose and the rest are the pack leaders in terms of quality. Still, if you don’t want to sell off a kidney for noise-cancellation, then JBL is your best option.

Noise Canceling hardware? These babies have you covered. They all have their pros, their cons,

and above all their price-point. They are the best of the best right now. If you need to be in your

own headspace, with your own tunes, all these little darlings will help you out. You really can’t

go wrong. Time to crank the playlist and rock out!

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