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5 Best SSL Certificate Providers for Your Website Security

Talking about the most important security features for the internet, it seems that the SSL certificate must be one of them. SSL certificate is functioned to encrypt the data that are added to the site. This way, you can safely visit your server web even from the browser. Some sensitive data require SSL certificate to keep the safety and security including the credit card number. For all of its importance, it is not exaggerating if Google even “forces” all the data sent from the website must be equipped by SSL.

However, the SSL certificate cannot be found automatically when you create a new website. Many providers produce certificates to guarantee the clients’ safety. Some of them are considered the best and the most quality. What are those recommended providers for SSL certificate?


Comodo is on the top for some great features offered. Meanwhile, although it is indeed one of the biggest SSL providers nowadays, some packages offered are intended for you who are on the way of developing your small-scale business. For all packages, there are excellent features like the technology of point to verification.

This technology supports real-time verification in a really easy way. Meanwhile, the amount of encryption available is 256 byte. For all the facilities you can get, the money to spend is not that much anyway. The price is started from $99.95 with the money guarantee in 30 days.

Entrust Datacard

Since 1994, Entrust is named as the best engine to produce a smooth and fast SSL certification. It is reasonable actually since the company has invested a lot of money only for the security feature. Meanwhile, there are many other products from Entrust including ID card printer, printer authentication feature, and more.

Many customers just love Entrust for its ability in managing many certificates in various domains and management consoles. So far, the majority of users are really satisfied with the facilities and features offered at all levels. In other words, although the prices are relatively expensive, it is in line with what you get. If you are interested in using the product from Entrust Datacard, price starts at $174.


RapidSSLOnline is provided by GeoTrust, Inc, a company that is well-known for its quality SSL products. Although some packages are offered at a relatively cheap price, the quality is not cheap anyway. The domains are validated and certified by Wildcard and the users are able to use the trial version in 30 days. Similar to other providers mentioned above, some packages are available here with the minimum price of only $15.

The most famous thing about RapidSSLOnline is indeed its affordable price while it is still able to maintain its quality. Despite the variety of products and features, the services are also ultimate. Some facilities are available, enabling you to contact the administrator. They are including live chat and phone. Some experts of SSL certificate are hired by the company to help the customers more.


GeoTrust is known as the second-biggest provider for the digital certificate in the world. The products from the company have been used in more than 150 countries by 100,000 users. GeoTrust enables the encryption SSL 256 byte to work with a basis of identity verification level. Using this SSL product, you can secure various types of websites including them for online transactions and other digital necessities.

To enjoy the SSL certificate from GeoTrust, you need to pay the cost for the basic encryption starting from $149 per year. Meanwhile, the maximum security is up to $299. In some packages, there are some additional features using the new technology that integrate the codes into the wireless platform. There is an agreement to be signed first using the digital signature application for better usage.


Symantec stands for syntax, semantic, and technology. It is a sort of Fortune 500 Company that provides software and Cybersecurity services all around the world. The SSL certificate from Symantec is able to protect your website with encryption up to 256 bytes. The product automatically protects all the sites from dangerous infections. If you buy the SSL product from this company, you will also get Norton Secured Seal, a famous seal for additional protection.

The price of SSL certificate from Symantec is starting from $399. However, the price depends on the type of usage. For the extra protection and features given by the company, it is reasonable if many companies in the US and even in the world use services from Symantec. The prices are indeed expensive but they are worth what you get now and in the future.