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5 Best Security Plug-ins to install on Websites and Blogs

Some website platforms, including WordPress, indeed have provided some services for security with continuous upgrades. However, no matter how good the security features provided by the platforms, it still doesn’t guarantee them to be completely safe and secured. There are still many cases of hacks and leakages to be experienced. Based on that fact, it is not bad to apply some apps and security plug-ins to your website. There are some security plug-ins that are considered the best currently. What are they?

iThemes Security

for many reasons, iTheme Security is the most popular security plug-ins in the realm of bloggers. Of course, it is mainly about how the plug-in can protect the websites and blogs very well. It avoids new viruses and malware to enter without too many setups. It is reasonable if the plug-ins have been downloaded by more than 3 million users and it achieves the rating of 4.7 from 5. There primarily are two types of iThemes Security to download; free and paid versions.

iTheme Security itself has passed through some phases in its life. Originally, it was named WP Better Security but after the acquisition in 2013, the name was changed into the one we know now. Along with the change of the name, the developer also improves its qualities and features. Some abilities presented by iThemes Security are detecting the other dangerous plug-ins, old software that may disturb the website’s performance and weak password.

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security of BPS is another security plug-in that is functioned to protect the core file in websites from attacks, inside and outside. There are some types of the core file in the website including HTAccess. HTAccess includes wp-config.php and php.ini. So, why is the protection focused on the core file? It is so that the hackers cannot find the gap or leakage through the code and SQL injections. The protection is also to avoid the activities of adding, reducing, and stealing the content of the sites without permissions.

The latest upgrade in BulletProof Security also enables the product to protect your website from the Brute Force attack. The security is conducted deeply and in details. When you are logging into the area of administrator, the plug-ins will give you more detailed logs and notes regarding the website’s security. When there is suspecting activities, there will be notifications to receive.

WP Security Acunetix

Maybe, what makes many bloggers just love to download and install this service is the free cost. In other words, you can get all the features and facilities provided without paying at all. There is no premium version, making it just feel more interesting. There are some steps conducted by WP Security Acunetix in protecting our website. First, it protects the site since the beginning of the installation particularly if you use WordPress. Second, it suggests some repairs if the file is looking not safe. The repairs are including the right for file access, database security, hidden version, WordPress administration protection, and more.

Aside from what have been mentioned above, there are some features available in WP Security Acunetix. They are Password, Database Security, File Permission, Delete WP Generator and META Tag Form Core Code, Version Hiding, and WordPress Admin Protections. Again, all of them can be found for free.

Google Authenticator

From the name only, it is known that the plug-in is produced and developed by Google. The protection from Google Authenticator is focused on the login page. Well, the login page is basically the door to enter your website or blog. Unfortunately, it is where the hackers are commonly attacking through viruses, malware, and other disturbs. That’s why; it is reasonable if the protection must be started from the door.

The solution offered by Google Authenticator is the layered door. Sure, for you the website owner, those layers can just be passed through easily. While for others, there are more efforts to do. To activate the layered door, there is the two-factor authentication feature that can be easily installed even from your Smartphone. This way, if there is someone who tries to log in your website, there will be an automatic notification sent in your email.

Shield Security

The developer of Shield Security claims that this plug-in is different from other plug-ins available around. One of the reasons is that the plug-in will not give you too many notifications that are sometimes indeed confusing. Rather than asking your permission, it will solve the problems directly. Of course, if the attack and solution will disturb the system, it is the time to activate the notification. Interestingly, you can set it up, when the appropriate time to send you notifications.Even the free version of Shield Security has provided many features. They are including the automatic IP blacklist, two-factorauthentication, spamming comment blocking, reCAPTCHA, firewall, and automatic update controls