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Premiere Pro Transitions: List of 10 Best Transition Plugins

Most video creators can agree that Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editing software on the market today ‒ it’s powerful, easy to use, and you can easily find any transitions or effects for this tool. Premiere Pro transitions allow you to create professional-looking videos with smooth and creative transitions between clips.

Top-10 transition plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro

Transitions add dynamics to your video, making it look more like a professional movie. In this article, we’ll introduce you to ten best Premiere Pro transitions according to users’ opinion.


This is actually a package of four transitions with 6 free demos. These effects are similar to the default ones, but they run more smoothly and give your clips a more professional touch. You can use the four free transitions alone ‒ it will be enough to create simple but stylish videos.


This one is a huge package that contains 44 transitions for Premiere Pro. You’ll find literally everything in this package: text transitions, instant presets, cinematographic effects. Coremelt can become your favorite editing tool right after your first try to use some of these effects.

Motion Array

Drag and drop one of these effects on your clips once, and you’ll fall in love with this package. Motion Array offers you an impressive range of transitioning tools that will make your videos look professional and cinematic.

Orange83 Smooth Transition

It’s already in the name ‒ Smooth Transition offers you ten presets of smooth transitions like spin, wipe, zoom, and others. The effects are really smooth, adding an eye-catching transition to your clips. Also, you can edit these transitions to adapt them to your editing style.

Transition Designer Free Wipe

This one is another simple but powerful package of transition styles. It might not have a lot of quirky and sophisticated presets, but instead, it has rather minimalistic transitions that make your videos look professional. Import this plugin, add some clips, add these transitions between them, and let the magic begin.

Glitch & Distortion Presets for Premiere Pro

You’ll definitely need these glitch and distortion presets if you want to create some futuristic or even cyberpunk videos. There are not so many high-quality glitch transitions in the market, and only a few of them are free. This package offers you a complete set of glitch and distortion presets that you can easily add to your clips to show off your creativity.

Travel Film Transition Pack

Do you want to create a perfect travel film? Well, this package definitely can help you with its spectacular and cinematic transition effects ‒ these spins, zooms, and others are perfect for creating a professional-looking travel film. 

Video Hive

The name says for itself ‒ it’s a huge hive of video effects. A hundred of them, to be specific ‒ and all of them are ready to use. These transitions can be easily edited, so you can adapt them to your visual style with little to no effort.

Smooth Spin Blur Rotation Transition

Made by a famous video editing YouTuber, Justin Odisho, these transition effects are great for editing your own video blogs, or creating fun videos for your friends. Aside from smooth transitions like fade and dissolve, this package also has fun effects like spin and wrap which are always fun to work with.

Slice Transitions

Simple and minimalistic, slice transitions create smooth high-quality effects. Also, they’re really easy to work with ‒ just drag and drop it between two clips, preview, and edit to your liking. It’s that easy!