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7 Useful House Moving Tips from Experts

Many people are overwhelmed with the moving process because they do not have any plan about it. You can learn more from the expert about the way to prepare your house moving with less drama.

Early Start

House moving preparation is not something that can be done overnight. If you want to make it easier, faster, and less stressful, you need to start the preparation early. You need to spare 4-6 weeks to organize everything after you decide to move. There will be enough time to compare some removalists to help you move your things to the new place. With enough time of preparation, you can do everything with no rush from making your belongings inventory to notifying the Electoral Office of your new address, for instance.


House moving will never be an easy thing to do. You have to handle every single thing in your house. You will find that you have a lot of belongings when you start packing your items. Nevertheless, it can also be a great opportunity to consider decluttering your belongings. You need to ask yourself about the value of the items for your new life in the new house. When checking the belongings from room to room, you need to sort them into keep, store, and bin categories.

Best Moving Boxes

You might think that you can use any kind of box for moving. However, using the wrong boxes can ruin the moving process. you have to make sure that the moving boxes come with a sturdy base. This way, your belongings will not tear the bottom and fall out. Instead of using plastic tubs, the cardboard will be a better choice since it will not brittle and break. You can choose removalists that can offer moving boxes, as well. Nevertheless, it is not hard to hire them separately.

Packing Strategy

You need to use a strategy when packing for moving just like when you use the tips from Disensors.com to save some money when heating your home. The most important thing to do when packing for moving is to pack by weight. Light items, including clothes, toys, and linen must be packed in the largest boxes. Meanwhile, you need to use smaller boxes to pack heavy items such as books and dinnerware. Of course, you have to place the heaviest items at the bottom. Do not forget to put a clear mark for fragile items. You can start packing the least used items first. It is also important to label the boxes by category and room for easier and faster unpacking.

Professional Packers

If you have free time, you can handle the packing yourself. It can save you some money, as well. However, the packing will always be time and energy-consuming. If you have enough budget, you can consider hiring professional packers for helping you pack your belongings for moving. The professional packers are trained for packing. They know what they have to do to make packing efficient and save for transport. Besides packing professionals, you can also hire an unpacking service to minimize the fuss during the unpacking process. They will do the packing job pretty quickly. They will also prepare packing gears including bubble wrap, tape, and foam to ensure secure transport.


Just like the packing process, the unpacking process will take time, as well. It might take a couple of nights to fully unpack everything. During that time, you need to keep essential things close. That is why you must not forget to pack your must-have items separately and keep them close to you. You need to fill an essentials box or bag with clothes for a couple of days, medications, pajamas, toiletries, pet essentials, school supplies, and favorite toys of your kids.

Faster Process

Remember, you will pay the removalists by the hour. If you want to save some money on removalist costs, you need to speed up the moving process. Since the inspection is usually free, you should arrange it ahead of time. This way, the removalists can determine the labor needed for moving heavy items or accommodation for difficult access. It is also important to determine the truck size for moving your items.

You can also consider things to transport yourself if your new house is not too far and you have the keys to access your new home before the moving day. You have to make sure that the tables and beds are dismantled. The boxes must be packed and sealed. Do not forget to unplug all electricals. You can also visit this website to get more tips for preparing for a big move.