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A Brief Guide about Hemp Plastic

Plastic pollution has become one of the serious problems that our beloved Earth faces. It is like cancer. Destroying and damaging, yet it is very difficult to cure and treat. However, that is only for cancer. Plastic pollution has the best solution available. It is biodegradable plastic. Among many types of this unique and environmentally friendlier plastic, we are going to learn more about hemp plastic.

What is Hemp Plastic?

Plastic is, mostly, made of petroleum-based compounds. Using chemical reactions, also long and complicated processes, this material will turn into a form of plastic that we know and use every day. The bad news here is this material is non-degradable. It means once you throw it away, it will stay like that forever. Or, even if it can be degraded, it requires thousands of years. And, that only damages the soil and various natural resources.

On the other hand, hemp plastic uses the hemp plant as its main material. The hemp plant is one of the plants with a high concentration of cellulose, especially the stalk part. Amazingly, the amount of cellulose in this plant is similar to or even more than the amount of cellulose needed in plastic manufacturing. Therefore, this material is one of the best alternatives to manufacturing plastic material.

The Features of Hemp Plastic

Hemp plastic has three main features, which make it the best solution for plastic pollution.

● Biodegradable and recyclable

This feature is necessary and needed today. As plastic pollution becomes severe, the plastic-type that can easily be recycled will help the environment to recover much faster. So, the hemp plastic only needs 3-6 months to decompose, once you throw it or bury it in the ground. Furthermore, it is also easy to recycle and turn into other plastic products, which are also biodegradable and recyclable. Moreover, hemp plastic has no toxic and harmful chemicals.

● Resistant to Heat

Another best trait of hemp plastic is high heat resistance. It can stand under high temperatures or exposure to UV rays. Therefore, many people love to use it as …. because it also has dimensional stability, thanks to its heat resistance. Mthis websiteoreover, it also has higher durability than polypropylene plastic or PP. Hemp plastic is 2.5 times stronger than that standard plastic.

● Non-Toxic

As we mentioned above, hemp plastic doesn’t have toxic and harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is safe to use for various purposes. Best of all, during the production stage, hemp plastic also doesn’t produce toxic fumes and pollution that harm the environment.
How People Use Hemp Plastic?

We have mentioned above that many people use this material to create a jar for food or decoration. Its non-toxic property allows you to keep the food without worrying about the contamination from its container. Moreover, it also can keep your food fresh for a long time, if you use it correctly.

Other than that, many people also try to use it for various purposes. Some of them use hemp plastic as the replacement for several types of building materials. So, you can use it to replace the concrete, plasterboard, and others. Moreover, it is said to have better durability and strength than fiberglass. Therefore, you can find it on many construction sites as an alternative to plastic material.

Hemp plastic also can be used as a material for car manufacturing. In reality, this practice has been around since the 1940s. At that time, Henry Ford tried using plant-based material on his product. Then, this practice becomes a common method that many car manufacturers use to replace or improve their car products.

As for hemp plastic, it can replace various parts of a car. Not only that. In the future, experts also predict that hemp-based components become one of the standard materials for the car. That is good because this material is carbon neutral. Therefore, it also improves the car’s fuel efficiency. The correct application can lower the fuel usage to 30% less than before.

Many people still see the hemp plant as a forbidden plant. Indeed, it is the plant of marijuana, one of a drug. Some states allow it. And, there are others and many countries that see it as a narcotic. However, the correct way to use it, which is hemp plastic, will bring more benefits than harm to people. It is maybe hard to understand from this short article. However, this website always gives you more information about it in the future. So, we hope you get more information about this unique material.