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Big Data within everyone’s reach with Orienta United Agency OÜ

Today we will be talking about how Big Data can save time and money in the successful achievement of results in all types of companies and projects worldwide. Orienta United Agency OÜ develops this tool to offer value-added solutions that are easily applicable for everyone without digital expertise to bridge the gap in access to today’s disruptive technologies.

What is Orienta United Agency?

Orienta United Agency OÜ was founded by fintech entrepreneur Cristian Carmona in Estonia, where it is still headquartered, with the aim of fostering the growth and development of small and large companies worldwide.

This company offers customised software solutions based on artificial intelligence, combining technological experience and a team of digital experts with the capacity to develop a large number of tools that can help all types of projects around the world to grow, simplifying and optimising internal company processes by offering much more efficient communication channels.

How does Orienta United Agency’s Big Data work?

To understand how this valuable tool works, it is important to highlight that we are talking about a service that provides a much broader vision to be precise when executing strategies in companies. Big Data is carried out by processing and analysing large sets of data obtained from the most relevant places where you want to have a competitive advantage and save time searching by traditional means.

Below you can see Orienta United Agency’s working methodology for the implementation of Big Data in companies.

Phases of work.

  1. Creation of Strategies.

A customised plan is established for each project that can significantly improve the way the customer acquires, stores and manages data to get the most out of it.

  • Identification of sources of big data.

It gathers valuable information from social networks that is available to everyone but only with a specialised Big Data tool can the most important data for each specific objective be extracted.

  • Analysis.

It determines what data is really valuable in order to create a funnel that can save time in taking what is necessary and discarding what will bring no value to the project..

  • Strategy implementation.

Based on the amount of data collected and processed, a strategy can be created that can offer a competitive advantage to the client by being proactive in the way it reaches its proposed target audience.

Benefits of Big Data with Orienta United Agency!

Reduce your costs.

Increase your efficiency.

Improve your price.

It allows you to focus on local preferences.

It helps you increase sales and loyalty.

It ensures that you reach the right audience.

Don’t waste time, get to the point!

With Big Data and Orienta United Agency you can take your business idea, project or company to the next level as the specialised analysis offered by this tool allows you to see the terrain from the top in the clearest possible way to make decisions that can bring great benefits in the long term.

Do you want to work with Orienta United Agency?

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