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7 Tips to Use Instagram Reels for Business

It seems that instagram reels have become the hottest feature that people can find from Instagram. For many users, Instagram is a social media platform to share images. However, it seems that the focus of Instagram goes on video content recently. You should not miss the opportunity to use Reels when it is still hot. It will bring great benefits for your business engagement. To optimize the benefits of Reels, you can simply follow these seven tips.

Use Music and Captions

The interesting part of using Reels is that you can use various tools to edit your short video and make it attractive. When you create Reels for your business, do not forget to use music that is available when editing your Reels. This way, your Reel will get exposed to the tag of a specific song you use for your Reels. It works like hashtags but by using music for Reels, you can reach more potential audiences.

However, you must not forget that many Instagram users do not keep the sound on when scrolling through the Reels. That is why it is recommended to add captions to keep the audience engaged when their sound is off.

Tag Other Accounts

In the world of Instagram, users are encouraged to tag other accounts. This way, you can put your content on the tagged account. It will be useful to get more reach. At the same time, by tagging those accounts, they might want to share your content. It means that their followers will notice you. This tip is not only a great tip on how to use instagram reels because you can also do the same with other types of Instagram posts.

Publish Reels on Feed

When you post a Reel, it will be originally posted on the Reel platform. It means that you can show the posted Reels in the Reels tab. However, you can also publish your Reels on your Instagram feed. It is recommended to do so because it will allow your current audience to engage with your Reels as well. It is also a great way to have more content on your feed that will be beneficial to promote your account.

Nevertheless, posting Reels on the feed at the same time makes sure that the video is as centered as possible because the ratios of Reels and regular posts are not the same.

Recreate Old Posts and Stories into Reels

You might want to be part of the instagram reels hype but creating a brand-new video for Reels can be troublesome. You might not have any idea about creating the best video for your Reels. There is no need to worry because you do not always have to make a completely new video for your Reels. You have old posts and old Stories. You can use them and recreate them into Reels. Many people do this anyway.

Use TikTok Videos

As you know, Instagram released TikTok as a competitor for TikTok that is pretty popular among the online community recently. There might be a competition of instagram reels vs tiktok but it does not mean that you have to choose one for your business. The competition can only be found between both social media companies. As a user, it is better if you can use both.

If you are pretty active using TikTok, it is completely fine to post your TikTok video to your Reels. However, you have to make sure that the video TikTok is adjusted to meet the duration of Reels. You do not have to create two different videos for TikTok and Reels. It is pretty convenient.

Add Titles to Cover Photos of Reels

Some people might just have fun by posting Reels but they do not pay attention to details. Since you use Reels for business intending to get more reach, you have no choice but to pay attention to details to maximize the result. The cover photo is an important detail you have to pay attention to when creating a Reel.

Create a Reel Contest Making an Instagram contest is a fun way to engage the followers. Since it is a Reel era, why do not you create a Reel contest? You can ask your followers to create instagram reels on a specific topic. They must use the same audio used for your Reel. They also have to post with a specific hashtag. It will be super fun.

You want to make sure that your audience can choose the Reel they want to watch easily by adding a title to the cover photos of your Reels. It will help the audience to know what they will watch on your Reel.