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3 Ways IoT Transform The Manufacturing Process

Technologies are bringing inbusine some great transformation in every industry. Manufacturing industry has also been highly benefited by the latest technology, internet of things (IoT). In the last few years the way internet of things has advanced, it has made a profound impact on each and every industry including the manufacturing industry.

JD Edwards has brought some IoT inspired technologies for the manufacturing industry which has changed the way this industry works now. In the near future, it can have even stronger impact on the manufacturing process.

To know how the IoT will transform the process of manufacturing, read on. We have discussed the 3 most significant transformations that you can see in the manufacturing process in the future.

Here are those 3 main and significant ways in which internet of things or IoT can transfer the process of manufacturing:

1. Predictive Maintenance of Manufacturing Tools

Before the invention of the sensors powered by IoT, downtime of the manufacturing tools can have an impact on the profit margin. According to a report, the cost of just one hour of downtime can worth thousands of dollars.

Hence, you have to take proper care of the equipment and maintain them properly. With the help of the IoT sensors, you can easily predict when your tools and equipment need maintenance.

This is possible because the IoT sensors can keep on monitoring the equipment predicting which machinery or tool will need any repairing or servicing. This can make the downtime a past thing. It can also help in improving your productivity as well as in increasing your profit margin.

2. Better Optimization and Resources

The manufacturing industry is actually built with the 3 important variables – raw materials needed for production, the entire process of manufacturing and producing and the tools and machineries. With the help of IoT, you can optimize the resources such as raw material, people and energy.

This is important in order to control the cost and to improve the productivity and engagement levels. The internet of things can provide cognitive insights which can use some beneficial inputs like usage data, geo-location data, environmental conditions and individual data.

This can improve the safety of the worker too by gaining better workforce management. It can also reduce the consumption of energy which can help in the long run. Also, it can help my increasing the expertise as well as the productivity of the worker.

Proper optimization can help in increase the safety of the worker while gaining better management over workforce. It can also increase productivity of the worker while significantly reducing the consumption of energy.

3. Management of Inventory & Supply Chain

Internet of things can contribute a lot to the management of inventory as well as logistics. This can transform the process of manufacturing industry in the near future. The IoT devices by JD Edwards can help you in providing product forecast via real-time data collection and transportation.

Thus, it can help in how the logistics and inventories can be managed properly. Some of the data that can be captured with the help of the internet of things are – weather, location, temperature and item condition.

With all these pieces of information, it can offer an efficient management of central inventory which will enable the company to monitor over all the shipments.

Even when a shipment left the center, it is monitored throughout till it reaches the destination.

Whereas this management was done manually before, nowadays, it is performed in an automated process. This can help in efficient management of the inventory as well as the supply chain of the company.


As you can see, IoT or internet of things can make some significant transformation in the manufacturing industry. In fact, with the help of the advanced technologies, the process of manufacturing can be quite efficient and effective.

Start making plans to implement the IoT for your business so that it can have a profound impact on the overall productivity.

You can take a look at the IoT services offered by JD Edwards as they will help you in exploring all the options. Once you get to see all the opportunities, you can consider which one to choose for making your manufacturing business much more efficient.