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Instagram Best Practices Used By Top Brands To Optimize Content For Boosting Engagement

With millions of daily active followers that can quite easily turn into customers, it’s no wonder that brands seek every opportunity to promote their account and products. Their reasons are understandable — more visibility and engagement quickly turn into traffic, conversions and sales.

Your growth on Instagram can be effective, too — every account has a potential to fulfill even the most ambitious marketing strategy. You can start with buying organic followers and activity — likes, profile visits and views. Agencies like “Soc-Promotion” work great with these tasks, providing you with the best option for growth of visibility and engagement:

Let’s not waste time and dive into best practices brands use for effective promotion and engagement boost.

Focus on the quality content

Instagram users spend 50+ minutes there on average. This means, in theory you have millions of possibilities to make your content visible. But what makes the difference between popular and silent profiles?

The main thing is content. Although Instagram is a visual-oriented social network, your posts will be a lot more engaging if you write great captions for pictures you post. It can be literally anything: educating, selling or informative content — everything works great depending on what the audience expects from you.

The quality of the photos you post matters a lot, too — studies show that creative pictures of a great quality gain a times more interest from users, while posting bad quality photos without captions will lead to the loss in engagement rate and even in followers.

Know your audience and what they like

Your product is probably not for everyone — and we mean it in a global sense, so what you’ll probably want to do is to target your audience. This is important in two ways:

  • catering your content to only interested people means they can potentially become your customers, unlike people who aren’t interested in your offers;
  • smart targeting provides you with unlimited opportunities to learn even more about your customers — their habits, views, etc. You might use it to become closer to these people or to adjust your marketing strategy.

Once you’re able to create a portrait of your audience, you can start working properly on your promotion: what kind of content to post, what tone of voice to use, what values to promote. It’s really important, because people trust only those who seem honest enough to them — your brand can be the one if you find the right path to followers’ hearts.

Stay active and remain on-point

Be creative in your content

Unleash your creative potential by experimenting with content formats and trying as many options as you can. Create fun, educative, engaging posts and Stories that will keep your audience engaged. 

Try collaborations with other influencers, choose scenic locations for your photoshoots or hire a content manager that will come up with the best ideas — this is also a great option, if you don’t know where to start.

Of course, you can steal like an artist and check out some ideas from your competitors, but don’t try to copy them pixel to pixel or word by word — you can use their ideas to create something unique, something that emboldens your own style and tone of voice.

Provoke emotions for better engagement

Emotions can be a weapon or a great tool to add more visibility and accountability to your brand image. What we know for sure is that without emotions your content won’t give people a motivation to interact with it or to buy from your company.

Avoid negative emotions as a drive for interactions — preening on anger, hate or disgust will give you some engagement, but instead your brand will be associated with said negative feelings.

Instead, use compassion, adoration and empathy in your content to put your public image in a better light. Post motivating content, spark hope and empathy with beautiful storytelling, and if you really want to create a change — do it, not just say it: collaborate with charity, start a crowdfunding campaign or simply donate to charity.

When your profile is associated with positive feelings, people will be more encouraged to give it a visit, view a new IGTV video or comment on your posts. To give this activity even a bigger boost, we suggest you use “Soc-Promotion” services — this agency offers high-quality likes and views that will aid your online growth.

Stay active and remain on-point

Regular posting is a key to online success. But that doesn’t mean consistency only, it also means you have to stay relevant to your audience. People grow up, times change — and your brand has to react.

Remain within the field of interests of your audience — to do that, you must know these people really well. Also, stay in touch with media trends — sometimes an on-point joke or meme that’s relevant to your followers and contains your brand is better than a ten years old joke that everyone already forgot about.

Learn all about things that matter to your followers — what events trouble them or make them wonder? What’s important right now?

Knowing this, you’ll easily remain on the same wave with people who are loyal to you, earning even more of their trust.