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Is GAMMA the Only Outdoor Jacket You’ll Need?

The answer is – yes, unless you’re climbing the Himalayas. The most exciting part is the technology that makes the jacket suitable for a range of outdoor adventures.

Engineers and scientists from Hong Kong joined forces to utilize graphene in creating a jacket that can withstand anything you throw at it.

Right now, graphene is among the strongest materials on the planet. It’s also the thinnest, making this all-climate jacket one of the most lightweight you can get.

This article discusses the technology behind the GAMMA jacket to help you understand why graphene has such remarkable properties.

The GAMMA’s Outstanding Features

UV Protection

When you’re hiking, you need to do everything in your power to be protected from harmful UV rays. Graphene-infused materials allow you to do that without getting too hot.

How, you may ask?

Graphene has a unique structure called a hexagonal lattice. Basically, a single layer of carbon atoms is arranged in a hexagonal pattern to create an impenetrable but breathable surface.

When sunlight contacts the jacket’s surface, it bounces off, preventing excessive heating and burns.

Also, graphene-infused material expels heat and moisture from your body, keeping you cool in hot weather.

With an SPF rating of 100+, the GAMMA offers much higher protection than sunscreens (typically 30-50 SPF).

It means that it takes more than 100 times longer to get a sunburn with and without the jacket. In reality, it’s impossible to damage your skin as you’d have to be exposed to extreme sunlight for hours on end.


Scientists have found that graphene is about 200 times stronger than steel, which makes graphene-infused materials super durable.

However, you won’t compromise the jacket’s flexibility and comfort in favor of durability, but first things first.

As an outdoor jacket, the GAMMA can withstand any terrain and weather conditions no matter how challenging they might be. Graphene’s hexagonal lattice and carbon base make the jacket virtually indestructible.

So, you can hike through overgrowths on your way to a summit without damaging the jacket since it’s tear, puncture, and abrasion-proof.

Also, the GAMMA won’t scuff or scrape even with heavy use.

When it comes to comfort and flexibility, this jacket may surprise you. It’s designed to offer a perfect fit and allow you to move without obstructions. Yet, none of that is at the expense of the jacket’s strength.

Odor Protection

Understandably, a long hike or mountain biking on a challenging track will raise a sweat. But the GAMMA won’t attract any of the excess moisture.

Instead, the jacket expels moisture through nanopores in the hexagonal lattice. Due to this, microbes can’t grow on the material’s surface and cause an odor.

The jacket neutralizes contaminants and there’s no risk of carrying microbes if you don’t wash it.

When your adventure is over, you can stash the GAMMA wherever you want and there won’t be any funny smell when you pick up the jacket a few days after.

The added benefit is that you won’t need to wash the GAMMA as often as other outdoor jackets.

Weather Resistance

Come rain or shine, graphene-infused material will protect you. And it’s not hard to guess that the secret is in the carbon and hexagonal structure.

As mentioned, the GAMMA is a waterproof jacketthat repels rain and other liquids. But it won’t let you down under heavy wind either.

The jacket’s proprietary weaving and graphene content create a lightweight waterproof shell around your body. It can withstand winds of up to 50 mph, so you could find yourself in a tropical storm and be dry and warm.

For another layer of protection, the jacket features water-resistant zippers throughout. It has built-in carbon heaters and adjustable pull cords that tighten the waistline and hood and seal your body from the elements.

Lastly, the jacket’s high collar keeps wind and water away from your body in adverse weather conditions.

A Glimpse Into the Future

Graphene is a material that allows manufacturers to sprinkle superhero properties into their garments. It’s impressive how a jacket can be so lightweight and thin and yet withstand extreme temperatures and winds.

Not only that, but the jacket is machine-washable. It won’t show any signs of wear and tear for the foreseeable future.

Even if you want another all-climate jacket for variety, you can be certain that the GAMMA has all the functionality you’ll ever need.

To find out more information and benefits of the GAMMA jacket, check out the manufacturer’s crowdfunding campaign at