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Benefits of Meditation for Students

Meditation is an ancient practice which has been around since the dawn of humankind. It is the best way to calm the mind and body, relieve anxiety and stress, and improve cognitive function. Ongoing research has indicated various health benefits that can be associated with meditation. It is also well documented that meditation can do wonders for the students. In students, meditation has been linked to enhanced academic achievement, higher engagement with studies and improved capacity to handle the stress of studies. It has also been linked to an increase in IQ score, enhanced brain function and better grades.

Nowadays, students are equally stressed, if not more than adults. They are under a burden of expectations, changing curriculum, peer pressure and likewise. The pandemic has also forced them to remain isolated which can lead to boredom and sadness. Even though educational institutions have decided to teach online, it can only do so much towards helping students feel connected.  Moreover, they live amid a lot of distractions such as social media, mobile games, and likewise. They spend almost every waking moment being occupied in something or the other. If the mind is not given an outlet and a way to relax, it can lead to a range of conditions such as insomnia, depression, eye-strain, stress, anxiety, and likewise. This is where meditation can be a godsend. You would be amazed by what you could accomplish just by getting your students to meditate for a few minutes each day. Here are the top reasons why students must be encouraged to meditate from a young age.

Improved attention span-

It has been indicated in research that the students who meditate show an improvement in their capacity of paying attention. The ability to focus is very important for students and meditation is an excellent way of helping them achieve that.

Enhanced IQ Level-

We are all born with immense potential. Yet, time and again we see some people achieving great success while others live a life of mediocrity. IQ scores are a good indicator of a student’s potential. The effect of meditation on students’ IQ has been well researched. It is known that meditation not only increases ones IQ but also improves creativity and critical thinking in individuals. Thus, it is a great way for students to maximize their potential.

Helps in Managing Academic Stress-

As mentioned, we today live in a turbulent world. The students’ lives are no different and they can be under a lot of academic stress and have a lot more commitments than their predecessors. Students who meditate, continuously reported a decrease in the level of stress and an increase in feeling of joy and mental alertness. Therefore, meditation can act as a great De stressor and may be particularly helpful for students who are more prone to studies and exam related anxiety.

Lower Student Absenteeism-

Student absenteeism is a significant problem today.  The most common reasons for student absenteeism may be linked to unwillingness, boredom, feeling disconnected with studies and likewise. Students who practice meditation regularly are known to have lower levels of absenteeism in the classroom. Moreover, such students show improvement in behavior and have lower incidents of disciplinary actions being taken against them by the school authorities. This is another way in which meditation can help in enhancing the students’ academic performance.

Improved Physical Health-

Even though meditation doesn’t involve any bodily movement involving one’s arms and legs, it is linked with great cardiovascular health. It helps in reducing blood pressure and manage anxiety. Studies have indicated meditation to be significantly helpful in reducing the risk of hypertension is students. Moreover, it actually reduces the risk of developing hypertension later in life by a significant factor, too. It also acts as a great breathing exercise which positively impacts our breathing habits and might also be helpful in improving one’s posture and poise. Thus, meditation is not just helpful in improving our interior but our exterior as well.

Therefore, students should be taught about the benefits of meditation and should be persuaded to practice it from the teachers and parents. Especially today, when they are at their homes mostly, and don’t have to commute to and from their school daily due to online teaching, students should be encouraged to meditate and experience the benefits of meditation firsthand.