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5 Clever Ways to Boost YouTube Views Fast

Getting a lot of views and likes for what you post on your YouTube account is critical, especially if you use it to promote business. The more “views and likes” you get, the more effective the marketing strategy you use. With the right strategies, you can boost YouTube views in a short time. Here are tactics you can use to gain more likes for your YouTube.

#1. Use Descriptive Titles

Why are descriptive and interesting titles important for the video you post on YouTube? Well, this is simply because they will do two things for you. A title with an interesting description will provide you with keywords for the algorithm. In this way, you can sort for relevancy goals for the video. Not only that the keywords will also make it possible for you to attract users as well as tell them about what the video you post about. 

You can use typical SEO methods such as a keyword planner to conduct keyword research. You can also check the popularity of the keywords by using the keyword planner. Then, you need to pick up a YouTube search located on the far right of your screen. You can increase organic views of your account by optimizing the content of your video. 

#2. Use High-Quality and Relevant Keyword Descriptions

The next thing you should do if you want to get more YouTube likes and views is using high-quality keyword descriptions. A high-quality and relevant keyword is important since it will be the best place where you can inform both the users and search engines what your video is about. It will also allow you to boost the click-through rate. In this way, your audience will find it easier to know what they can expect from the video they are going to watch.

To create keyword descriptions with high quality, you need to stay generic with your YouTube account. Make sure that you capture the interest of your audience while you are trying to rank for descriptions with short-tail keywords. You can also get attention from your audience by optimizing the descriptions for the search engine of YouTube the same way you use them with a normal SEO meta description. 

#3. Use Tags and Optimize Thumbnail Image

You can also boost YouTube views by using tags. It will help you to distinguish the content of your video. Not only that but using tags for gaining YouTube likes will also make it easier for the algorithm to understand what the audience will see in the video that you upload. However, you need to make sure that the tags you use will reflect the core of the video you are going to share. To make things easier to complete, you can use a keyword planner to help.

As for thumbnail images, you should know that they can be a great tool to increase YouTube views. It doesn’t even matter if the views come from the suggested video section or organic result page, they can be increased effectively. In this way, you should create high-quality images that come with readable fonts. Not only that, but the images should also feature facial-close-ups if they appear in the video.

#4. Create Transcripts

Another thing you can do to get more YouTube views is by adding transcripts to the video you create. Closed captions or transcripts are important since they can attract international audiences. Not only helping you gain more views but the transcripts can also improve the ranking of your YouTube channel. Using the transcript will create a domino effect. Once the ranking of your YouTube account is improved, the views for your channel will also grow immensely. 

One of the most important results of using transcripts for the YouTube account is that it will give a sustainable way for viewership traffic. This is true that purchasing views might provide an immediate boost in views. But, you need to keep in mind that it is not a long-term solution that you can use. This is because behavioral analytics are a more important ranking factor when it comes to the algorithm. 

#5. Provide Entertaining and Educating Content

You need to keep in mind that the content of your video is the most important factor in gaining views and likes. With good content, your channel can generate better behavioral analytics. In this way, the algorithm of YouTube will instantly recognize and reward your video with a better ranking of organic search. To provide good video content to boost YouTube views, you need to make it entertaining and educational. Thus, your audience will find that it is valuable to watch your video and keep visiting your channel for other content.