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5 Sophisticated Communication Devices Yealink Dubai Provide to Support Any Business

Yealink Dubai is ready with several communication devices, including VoIP phones, audio conference phones, and video conferencing systems. This company tries to facilitate medium and large businesses with the right communication tools.

Medium and large businesses will have communication devices with sophisticated features for any work environment. Check the specification of the devices you can use below.

Yealink IP Phones

Yealink IP phones cover a variety of models, including office phone users, home users, and mobility users. The system can also comprise several phone series, such as T2 series IP phones, T4 series IP phones, Skype for business HD IP phones. The voice quality and friendly user interface are two things that make this phone technology different from other traditional phone technologies.

Users can use a variety of configurations, so you can set it based on your needs. Indeed, Yealink concerns about the security system for more comfortable communication. The company reaches the goal by using wide security encryption standards. This feature helps to protect from eavesdropping and theft.

Yealink Cordless Phones

Yealink Cordless phones are another alternative you can get at Yealink Dubai. It is an affordable business communication device, especially for local businesses. The systems and features are great enough for warehouse, companionship, offices, catering, retailing, and many more.

The features of this phone are including phone reports, phone numbers tracking, connecting to several lines at once, powerful, and many more. The most important thing is that you will get a telephone device with respectable sound quality.

Users can use a variety of DECT phones by Yealink, including DECT Dongle, W41P, W52H DECT phone, W53P Dubai, and many more. The idea of this phone is to give you better mobility and a simple device to run and develop your business.

Yealink Conference Phones

This conference phone solution would be suitable for a business team that wants to hold a conference in a small or medium room. You are about to use a device with HD technology with a built-in microphone array, accoustic echo canceling and full-duplex technology.

You can easily link this device to either PC or mobile phones. The idea of this product is to provide a much convenient experience of conference calls. The better the business conference, the better your business performance.

Yealink also has a portable speakerphone for a conference. It is a perfect option for companies that want to be more flexible and scalable while doing a meeting. You can use this device for a small meeting with up to 6 participants.

There is also a conference phone that supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is great for companies that are about to create a business collaboration meeting.

Yealink Video Conferencing

Some companies need more than just a phone conference to achieve business goals. In this case, the companies need to use a video conference device by Yealink. Yealink produces this product to support business teams to do video conference meetings in any room size.

This product is perfect for small, medium, and large meeting rooms. Yealink also supports the product with wide-angle cameras to have a comfortable view without adjusting the cameras all the time.

You can use this video conferencing product to communicate with customers or internal communication. No matter the companies whether it is small or medium, this conference device is worth it to use.

Modular VoIP Phones

This system is using Voice Over Internet Protocol technology. It is the highest productive communication method for enterprises, especially small and medium businesses. This product helps your company to be more reliable and dependable. The communication cost is also more affordable.  

Some companies love to use this system because it is compatible with any connection, including PSTN lines. It is a good option for companies that want to create a meeting with 20 to 500 users.

The best part is that you can easily use this device even if it is your first time. The security system is also good enough for a comfortable business meeting. Let’s say this product is using the latest protection system to ensure security.

You can even control your communication device anywhere and anytime. Yealink also uses a specific server to get secure connectivity in remote locations even without additional devices. 

The point is that companies will get a variety of communication devices for effective and efficient meetings. They can do the meetings comfortably without worrying about anything because the devices have sophisticated security systems.

Yealink Dubai also produces communication devices that are easy to use, along with valuable features. As a result, companies can use the devices right away and get more benefits than they expect.