How Oduwacoin is Changing the Narrative about African Cryptocurrency

Bright Enabulele, the blockchain strategist and co-founder of Oduwacoin, was asked what the goal of Oduwacoin is. He’d tell you financial literacy in Africa. “I wanted to create an ecosystem that drives money back to our community. “Data is what is driving the world today and technology is the only way to do that.” Taking precaution to set themselves apart in addition to educating the community is Bright’s vision for Oduwacoin.

Bright sees Oduwacoin as a revelation to his community. “We have to ensure our younger generation is educated and financially literate in order to succeed in this new world.” Financial inclusion is a notoriously difficult subject, to come by with other cryptocurrency platforms, so, Bright has developed one specifically to benefit people of African and Pan-African communities around the world.

Oduwacoin is taking on a challenge that most cryptocurrency networks have yet to. By drawing focus on enriching financial literacy within underprivileged communities, Bright brings Africa to the forefront of the conversation. “Let’s drive change, that’s why we’re all here, for change.” By cultivating a cryptocurrency network that allows anyone to transfer digital cash, Oduwacoin has shifted the narrative. Oduwacoin’s  Network is designed to be fast, efficient, eliminate fraud, allow no double spending and  empower underserved communities around the world. Used for payment, trading, crowdfunding and low-cost energy-efficient PoS Mining (proof of stake mining), they have brought new capabilities to cryptocurrency networking. Aligned with the Oduwa principles, everyone can buy, sell, make payments, and build wealth.

Oduwacoin is devoted to those with a PHD; {passion, hunger, and drive}. Serving those who are determined for a better life, their approach to the world of cryptocurrency is unlike any other. A community where every coin is like gold. Every trade, buy or sell on Oduwacoin network, has no transaction fees for all OWC Coin holders for being early believers. When Oduwacoin is added or removed from circulation, the price of the next coin might increase or decrease automatically by a fractional amount of OWC (about .0000001 OWC). When a user purchases OWC COIN, the value is worth slightly more due to the algorithm calculated (demand and supply) on the network. Oduwacoin holders will benefit from the price increase. There are only 21 Million Oduwacoins worldwide, when users sell OWC , the value is slightly less. Selling Oduwacoin is like saying that the trader has lost faith in ODUWA because the community recommends that the users spend their Oduwacoin and not sell Oduwa Coin . ODUWA manages the economy but cannot affect the price of the COIN. The price could rise and fall, subject to the community trust. “Those who trust Oduwacoin and hold OWC the longest will benefit the most. We are committed to increasing accessibility and the growth of Oduwacoin.”

The absence of people investing in cryptocurrency is one that stems out to any network. Currency fluctuations and manipulations are just some factors as to why people are scared to invest. The main causes of these are governmental influences and corrupt monetary managers. Weak local currency that can be easily devalued and poorly regulated banks add to the issue as well. Financial literacy will prove to be the anchor to navigate the storm of the cryptocurrency field. With Oduwacoin, Bright Enabulele is providing the tool to make the necessary changes in the conversation of digital currency in Africa . 

With Oduwa, Bright is giving his community a strong backbone. Being the first cryptocurrency to support and educate his continent,  data is what Bright believes will revolutionize everything. “I built this to push Africa forward and to empower our children with blockchain,” he explains. “We have to change the narrative because without knowledge, there is no progress. Paired with knowledge, Africa can and will be globally recognized in cryptocurrency.”

Oduwacoin is revolutionizing cryptocurrency, global economic tenders, and is pushing for indigenious African communities to be more involved in the financial future. This is where growth happens for communities and individuals alike. “We cannot go back, only forward,” Bright explains. “So, moving forward, we will be at the table of change and innovation.”