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Car accident

Signs that you need a Los Angeles car accident attorney

Auto accidents cause serious injuries, and if you ever get involved in one, the first step should be always about calling 911. Once you have received medical attention, consider calling a Los Angeles injury attorney as soon as possible. California follows the competitive fault rule, which makes it a tort state. This means that if you had a share in an accident, this will impact the amount of compensation you get for your losses. So, should you hire an attorney? In this post, we are sharing some of the signs that you definitely need a personal injury attorney for your car accident case. 

  1. You suffered serious injuries. If your injuries are serious and likely to impact your life in the long run, you should hire an injury attorney. They can guide you further on how to get the compensation you deserve. 
  2. The fault isn’t clear. This often happens in case of car accidents. It is quite possible that the fault in the accident is not absolute, or you may have had a role in causing the accident. Either ways, you should consider hiring a lawyer, to protect your interests. 
  3. You have suffered property damage. In case a car accident led to property damage, you should hire a reliable attorney to check the actual worth of your losses. They can pursue the case aggressively and deal with insurance companies accordingly. 
  4. You don’t want to deal with insurance companies. Insurance companies want to reduce their financial liability, for which they may do anything or can deny your claims for flimsy reasons. Without a personal injury attorney, you are really on your own. 
  5. You have sustained permanent disabilities. If the accidenct had caused permanent disabilities, your compensation wouldn’t be just about medical bills, but everything that you are likely to lose in the future. Talk to an injury attorney to know how much you should claim. 

Hiring an injury attorney in LA is entirely your personal call, but an important one. Engage a law firm that knows the ins and outs of how the claims process works in California, and they should have an in-house team of attorneys, who will ensure that your rights are not denied. If needed, they may have to go to trial, so find an attorney with some level of courtroom confidence. Thankfully, most lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they will only charge you, if they win a settlement.