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How You Can Use OKRs to Boost Your Social Media Activity

Social media is an alluring concept for businesses and individuals alike, as it offers the ability to grow your audience with very little knowledge of advertising. Sites like Facebook and Instagram even provide advertising services that target your audiences for you, leaving you with easier tasks like hunting down the right hashtags, keywords, and posting times to catch the eyes of potential followers. In addition to the methods provided to you by the social media platforms, you can maximize your social media activity by using OKRs to track your progress. Here’s how.

Establish Your Social Media Goals

OKRs are a method of goal setting utilized by many different types of businesses to chart their progress and reach ambitious goals. The combination of alignment, flexibility, and measurable milestones have allowed for OKRs to become a leading method of goal monitoring for companies big and small. Google, Amazon, Spotify, and The Guardian are just a few examples of leading companies who swear by OKRs and their ability to guarantee successful outcomes. When it comes to social media, you want to apply OKRs, especially marketing OKRs in the same way as any other business. Begin with your objectives and end with your key results. OKRs require that your goals be both specific and measurable. The difference is that practicality is pushed to the side to some extent, as it is expected that these goals be more challenging than you may typically strive for. For your key results, select measurable outcomes that you can monitor and compare as you go. Consider adding to the number of an entity, or the percentage of an entity, and by a set timeframe to specify your key results as much as you can.

Set Up Check-Ins

Even after you develop a specific and measurable plan to boost your social media activity, you want to track your progress as you go. Remember, OKRs are all about flexibility, so don’t feel discouraged if you find that you need to change an aspect of your game plan. Work with the process and remember that success is not a non-stop upward slope. Develop a timeframe for scheduled activity reflections based on how you feel is best. For example, if you’re calculating your follower count every month, you might want to consider scheduling a progress check-in every three months. If you’re counting followers weekly, perhaps one check-in every month makes more sense to you. Go with your gut and be sure to give yourself enough time to make progress before making any crucial changes to the way you are marketing OKRs.

Marketing OKRs in Social Media

The flexibility that accompanies OKR-style goals is fueled by the creativity that hardworking individuals place behind it. When you encounter a business problem or see that a certain action isn’t getting you where you’d like to be, find creative solutions that work with your OKRs to get back on track. Concerning boosting social media activity specifically, think outside of the box and observe other successful social media accounts. Notice how they might be marketing OKRs and consider if you might benefit from incorporating these strategies as well.

Measuring Social Media Activity

When traditional businesses use OKRs, it’s often difficult for them to determine what areas to derive measurements from. This issue is not nearly as much of a concern when it comes to social media. The way to become successful on social media is through understanding the measurements involved with your target audience. For example, you can measure posting times, the number of characters used in descriptions, how frequently you engage with followers or comment replies, how frequently you use specific hashtags, how frequently you gain or lose followers, etc. Some users take these measurements further and place them in the context of total outreach such as extending their audience to international levels. Identifying which areas of measurement hold the most weight in boosting your social media activity will require some additional thinking, but with so many options to choose from, defining your key results should be easier than you may have anticipated.

Remember that social media is a building process. Using OKRs is a proven way to help you maintain your commitment to your social media goals, step by step. By establishing a wide-sweeping goal like increasing your follower count to one thousand in six months, you will stay on your own toes, and act with intention and maintain a clear mindset on what is to be accomplished.