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Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Fauci’s Conversation in Facebook Live Turns the Comment Column Chaos

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has been for around a year, there are still many misunderstandings and myths around the phenomenon. To stop the misunderstandings and to prevent them from getting worse, the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, conducted a Facebook Live with a transmitted disease effect, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Fauci is also the director of the Allergy National Institute and Transmitted Diseases of the USA since 1984. There were some points of the discussions that are summarized as follows.

First, the Coronavirus or Covid 19 is a kind of airborne virus. Dr. Fauci stated that a large amount of the drop released when somebody is talking is bigger than 5 micrometers. With that size, it can transmit through the air from 3 to 6 feet. However, some drops might be lighter than that so that it can be maintained in the air longer. 

Second, it is about the mask usage. Based on the ability of the drop to survive in the air, it is suggested for anybody to wear a mask. Many health experts realize that masks are very important to protect from the virus or, at least, reduce the risk of transmissions. In fact, around 20-45% of people don’t show any symptoms but they can transmit it to others. Fauci added that a mask tends to make you not spread the virus to others. Therefore, everybody has a responsibility to wear it.

Third, Dr. Fauci also explained the possibility of vaccines might be available in the fall this year. The Remedy Sivir Antivirus is proven to reduce the duration of Covid 19 symptoms in patients. Therefore, he expected that researchers would develop it soon.

Lastly, when there are opinions that the elderly are more prone to the disease, Dr. Fauci talked about the possibility that the risk is higher for youngsters. Currently, the average age of people who have been infected is 15 years old. Well, it is not because young people are weaker but because they don’t do the right preventions. Most teenagers and young adults think that the virus may not attack them. It just makes them underestimate Covid 19 even more.

Responses from the Internet Users

While many people think that the conversation between Zuckerberg and Dr. Faucis is really important and knowledgeable, some others just don’t. If you are listening to it live via Facebook streaming, you are probably interested to read the comment column. Rather than discussing the topic relevantly, some users throw trash comments. Yes, the column was filled with misleading comments, particularly from those who come from the realm of anti-vaccine.

As information, there are groups of people who vigorously refuse vaccines. The Covid 19 vaccine is not the only one. They also don’t trust the benefits of other vaccines that have been widely used by people like Polio, measles, and others.

The reason is heavily influenced by some conspiracy theories. One of them is that the vaccine is a way for some “world rulers” to control people. Of course, when the Coronavirus pandemic appeared in the beginning, the same theory is believed by people.

One of the most popular conspiracy theories is that the Covid 19 vaccine may contain something like a chip to record people’s daily activities. This way, some “superpower people” like Zuckerberg himself have more control to access what people are doing.

It Blurs the Real Information Given

Okay, such crazy conspiracy theories are not something new. Besides, it depends on people or readers whether they want to believe it or not. However, the most ironic thing is that the comments blur the real information given in the conversation. Meanwhile, Covid 19 itself should not be underestimated by seeing so many people have been the victims. 

The death rate for Coronavirus in the US has continuously increased, even more than 270,000. The fact is saddening since it also means that the medical workers must work harder in the hospital. Undeniably, the pandemic is indeed disturbing for many people. Since the health protocol given is preventing them from going outside and doing social distance, many people must lose their jobs and cannot socialize normally. Therefore, Dr. Fauci emphasized how important the antivirus is so that people can start to do their activities normally as soon as possible. He took a chance to talk to the Facebook CEO about how the virus vaccine developed may really work. There are 2 types of vaccine mentioned by the doctor, Pfizer and Moderna. Besides, he also mentioned the possibility of vaccine availability in the US. While he thought that talking via Facebook live is working, many commenters were just screwed