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4 Different Types of Technology for Improving Your Business’s Security

Security should be of the utmost importance for business leaders. Not only is it crucial to protect your assets but also to keep your customers and colleagues safe. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a high standard of security. The world feels far more dangerous and cyberattacks seem to be coming left, right and centre. Fortunately, we have technology on our side. Inventors have recently developed some incredibly powerful forms of technology which can improve both the physical and cyber security of businesses. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1.) Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has been in the works for several years now, but it has finally started to come on in leaps and bounds. It is starting to be integrated with CCTV technology, enhancing the efficiency of security cameras. This means these cameras can do more than simply record a criminal. With facial recognition tech, they should also be able to scan the culprit’s face, then retrieve their identity by searching through a larger database. Security cameras act as a deterrent, too. Criminals are far less likely to target your business if they see you have facial recognition technology combined with your CCTV.

2.) ID Cards

ID cards are excellent tools when it comes to preventing external and internal theft. They can be used for identity authentication, access control, application processing, multi-factor authentication and more. All these functions together create a highly effective security system. For example, they can be used to open electric-powered doors, but they will only do so once they have fully authenticated your identity. This means nobody without permission can enter your business premises, preventing theft or intrusions. ID cards can also clock who accessed a certain facility and when, making it much easier to identify who is responsible in the case of internal theft. Have a look at https://www.idcardsdirect.co.uk/ to see what else this innovative technology can do.

3.) User-Behaviour Analytics

Cybercriminals might try hacking onto your business’s computer network, hijacking the username and password of one of your employees. This means that they will be able to wreak havoc and steal valuable information from your company (such as personal/payment details) without you even realising it. Fortunately, user-behaviour analytics can prevent this from happening. This AI software is able to learn what your employees typically get up to on the network – so, the second they begin engaging in activities that are abnormal for them, their account will be frozen. Cybersecurity has been massively improved by this smart technology.

4.) Anti-Virus Software

The internet is riddled with computer viruses that insidiously download themselves onto your system. They then seize the host or network, causing them to malfunction, lose data or self-destruct. By installing anti-virus software, you can protect your company’s computer system from these types of cyberattack. This technology will alert you when a webpage is unsafe and automatically kill the offending virus.

If you want to protect your assets, customers and employees, then it’s worth investing in these security technologies.