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Several Reasons for Using Facebook Lite

Some of you may be using Facebook Lite in your daily life. Then, you might wonder what makes it different from Facebook. Do they have the same feature? 

Facebook Lite is designed for Android users that have a low-speed internet connection. Not many people can have high-speed internet access, and Facebook Lite presents you to solve this issue.

Facebook Lite makes you use Facebook below its standard or with lighter service. Let us check some valuable information about Facebook Lite in the following article.

  • Battery Usage and App Size

Facebook Lite is the simplest form of Facebook. Of course, this thing makes a huge difference, especially on the app size.

Facebook app has a size range around 58-60 MB. Meanwhile, Facebook Lite has only 2MB. Although it is incredibly light, it still shares the same feature.

The main purpose of creating this app is to support a phone that has a limited size. It is suitable for a phone that has low RAM. Its small size makes it faster to download.

Moreover, the lite version makes you save phone battery usage. It consumes less battery compared to the standard version.

  • User Interface

If you are using Facebook Lite, the icon has a white background and has the launcher name as Lite. This is different from the Facebook standard that has a blue background with Facebook as its launcher name. 

When you see its content, Facebook Lite has smaller text as well as its icon. You will have the same display in this simple app. 

It will not display you with heavy graphics as they have in the standard version. Besides, it has no animation and fancy stuff too. So, you can experience using Facebook with clear and clean content. 

  • Data Usage

Aside from being designed for a phone with a low RAM, Facebook Lite is also created for the area with a slow internet connection. This application works well on the phone with a 2G network. 

If you have limited data, you can use this app. Due to its simple version, Facebook Lite reduces its data usage. It consumes fewer data compared to the standard Facebook. 

Facebook Lite is designed with minimizing its unnecessary function. You will see no image that has no crucial functions. Those useless images can increase your data usage.

  • App Speed

As mentioned previously, Facebook Lite is the simplest version of Facebook. It has simple content due to its great optimization. Thus,

it makes Facebook Lite load quicker than the standard version. 

Although the Lite version shares great advantages, it has fewer weaknesses as well. For an individual task, you will need more time

longer for a new action activity.

It will take time for you to see the immediate display pop up. You need to wait around one or two-second in your Facebook Lite version. This reason will make you crave the instant transition of the original Facebook.

  • Auto-Refresh Feature

Again, there is something missing from this app. Due to its simplification mode, there are several things that you will not find in using Facebook Lite

One of the examples is the auto-refresh function. In Facebook Lite, the users can not enjoy the use of auto-refresh or autoload functions. This application design does not support that feature.

If you compare with the individual transition, it is quite similar. It will run slow. So, the users should wait to experience this.

However, you still can enjoy the main function of this app like you use the original Facebook version. You can see its news feed as usual.

  • Build-in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has gained popularity since it was launched from the beginning. You can enjoy using Facebook Messenger if you install it separately from your Facebook. 

You can chat easily on Facebook Messenger. Of course, this makes you spend more storage on your mobile device.

However, you feel the difference if you use Facebook Lite. You don’t need to install Facebook Messenger separately to enjoy its service. It has a built-in feature for this.

You will see this feature on the upper left of your Facebook Lite layout. So, you can keep chatting with your friend.

  • Emoji Support

There is another surprising thing about Facebook Lite. Although it supports comment reactions as well as its stickers, it can not show you the emoji. 

In your Facebook Lite, the emojis will be shown differently. You will see it as a normal emoticon with punctuation or characters.

  • Conclusion

The above readings present you with the strength to include the weakness of Facebook Lite. If you are ready using Facebook Lite, you should install it now